Make Siri smarter, blood sugar monitor, HomeKit, robo cradle, cycling gear, smart oven and tech to-do list in tech news. Blog Feature

By: Jennifer Devitt on October 18th, 2016

Make Siri smarter, blood sugar monitor, HomeKit, robo cradle, cycling gear, smart oven and tech to-do list in tech news.

Happy Wednesday! Wow, we are past the midpoint of October and we still have 70-degree weather in the Chicago area. I'll take it! I'm looking forward to this evening and no, not just because of the debate, Cubs game or It's a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Tonight I have the honor of attending a women's mentor session for area high school girls interested in STEM! Ok, I know you came here for tech news. It's actually been a busy week for it. In fact, I had to weed through what I found for the week already (and it's only Wednesday morning) so has to not post tech news overload! Let's see what I have for you today, shall we?

1. Apple wants to make Siri even smarter.  Apple has hired a deep learning expert from Carnegie Mellon to boost Siri. Researcher Russ Salakhutdinov will be joining Apple but will also remain at the university.

2. Dexcom's Blood Sugar monitor. Read this first-hand account of how Dexcom's Blood Sugar monitor has become a life saver for Fast Company writer Tim Bajarin via his Apple Watch.

3. Apple partners with homebuilders for HomeKit. Apple is hoping to get a leg up on rivals when it comes to home automation. Apple is partnering with builders to incorporate HomeKit into homes as they are being built. With the installation of iPad-controlled blackout shades, lights, self-running tubs, doorbells and more.

4. Robo cradle with rock your baby to sleep. Complete with a price tag of $1,200 the Snoo Smart Sleeper created by pediatrician Harvy Karp will quickly respond to your fussy baby!

5. Cycling gear designed with an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Cycling company Rapha has completely changed how they design their cycling gear. Follow Apple films as they go behind the scenes to see how Rapha uses an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to design its gear. Head designer Alex Valdman says the following about iPad Pro:

"There's only one object that can help me get that organized, communicate creative and fit into a Musette bag," he said. "iPad Pro puts your entire life in the palm of your hand."

6. June smart oven. Coming from former Apple engineers have built a $1,500 oven that uses sensors and machine learning to make cooking a breeze. The June Oven allows you to "cook smarter, eat better".

7. A tech to-do list for Silicon Valley from President Obama. Last week we discussed how President Obama spent time at WIRED Magazine, discussing tech and AI (Artificial Intelligence). Well, President Obama left WIRED with a list of 6 things he hopes Silicon Valley will tackle! Whew, I told you I had a lot. And, that was a scaled down list! What have you been reading this week? Anything I would find interesting, feel free to share it with me! Happy reading!



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