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By: Jennifer Devitt on March 3rd, 2015

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March 9th, is it Apple Watch announcement day? What will it mean for new technology?


March 9, 2015. It's next Monday. The day after we spring forward and change our clocks and sure sign spring must be getting closer. It is also a special event day for Apple. It's pretty well assumed in the tech world that March 9th is Apple Watch day. Meaning the tech giant will announce the "official launch date" as well as give us more information on the gadget itself.

Only a handful of things is known to be true about the Apple Watch. For instance, Apple has shared some styles with us, as well as discussion about health and fitness apps, new ways to connect and more. We also have information that medical device manufacturer, Dexcom will have a key app that assists diabetics in monitoring blood glucose levels.

Then there is the rumored talk about battery life. Some outlets report a full day charge, while naysayers say it will require multiple charges per day. While other discussions state that the gold Apple Watch will use up a third of the world's gold! Other than the potential health and fitness benefits, Tim Cook has stated that the Apple Watch will replace your car keys! And we also know that it will support Apple Pay.

Outside of the above mentioned, much is not known about the benefits of owning the Apple Watch. Apple is keeping that tight-lipped for now. My guess is that they plan to wow us all on March 9th. But, if you think it will be a letdown, you have not been paying attention. When the iPad was rolled out many thought it was just a larger iPhone. Early competitor commercials compared reading capabilities and the ability to read in direct sunlight. But, in true Apple form, that was just the beginning for iPad. Take for example our discussion from just over a week ago about the genius of Apple ads. We discussed learning via iPad, making music, making film, etc.

Part of the genius of Apple is rolling out hardware that challenges developers and creative minds. Apple encourages innovation via their products. Apple invited developers to its Cupertino headquarters to work on apps and participate in testing. Apple understands that the billions of dollars its App Store has generated are due to the creative minds who bring function and creativity to their hardware. The Apple Watch will create a different marketplace for developers and businesses in varying industries. As Martin Scorsese said in the "Make Film" ad, "Let the learning continue". It is my belief that yes, Apple wants to sell products, they also want to learn from industries and developers, they also want to assist in learning via their devices. Apple was built on determination and innovation, the sky is the limit on what else can be built that way. In 2012, it was estimated that app creation has generated a half a million jobs. Yes, Apple is selling us something, but they are also creating jobs, new industries and allowing many to be entrepreneurs and innovators with the assistance of their devices.

Until the formal release date announcement and full spec details debut, by what will surely be a performance spectacle on March 9th, it is hard to imagine how the Apple Watch will be welcomed. Will it sell out, or will people wait for the next generation? It has been reported that Apple has ordered more than 5 million watches for its initial release. Will you be one of the first to own an Apple Watch? What style are you considering? If you are planning to be one of the first to own one, what is fueling your decision? Are you a developer who is looking to add Apple Watch development to your services or are you enthusiasts who must have the latest device? What do you see Apple announcing as the be all end all reason to be an Apple Watch owner?