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By: Jennifer Devitt on May 3rd, 2016

May the "4th" Be With You tech news edition take a journey with a missing iPad via Find My iPhone.

Happy Wednesday and May the "4th" Be With You! Seriously, Happy Star Wars Day! It's fitting that it's Star Wars Day and tech news day here on the blog, don't you think? Let's take a look at the tech news I drummed up this week, shall we?

1. Smart Mirror. Ryan Nelwan is app designer at Swipe Labs in California. He created a smart mirror. The touchscreen displays weather, current time, temp, travel time to work, it has a music player, full keyboard and access to his thermostat and more! I think I would find myself taking longer to get ready every day!

2. IBM Watson takes on fashion design. Is there nothing Watson can't do? This time Watson helped design a LED dress for the Met Gala.

3. Facebook rewards 10-year who found a security flaw. A 10-year-old from Helsinki Finland discovered an Instagram flaw which allowed him to delete comments made by anyone. He became the youngest "hacker" to receive a bonus from Facebook for reporting a flaw. The find netted him $10,000.

4. MyPurpleFolder app. Kelli Thomas-Drake was faced with the daunting task of not only caring for her ill Mothe but her terminally ill Grandmother too.  After completing countless forms, keeping track of medications and doctor visits, etc Kelli came up with the idea for the MyPurpleFolder app, named for the organized "purple" folder she kept for her ailing Grandmother.

5. The adventures of the missing iPad. I am a fan of Apple's Find My iPhone app. And this story just makes it even better. When Shelby Bonnie realized his iPad was not in his carry on he figured it was gone for good. But, he didn't immediately give up hope. He utilized the Find My iPhone feature to not only track the iPad but message it as well to see if who ever had it would call him and arrange its return. When he received no such call, he documented the travels of the iPad on Facebook for his friends. He tracked it Florida, to Graceland in Memphis, to San Francisco to Miami. Once the iPad stayed in Miami, Mr. Bonnie sent some balloons to the address with a message "Thinking of You". The balloons seemed to do the trick because the person who had possession of the iPad suddenly decided to return it to the Fort Lauderdale airport where Mr. Bonnie retrieved it!

If you came across any good tech news, feel free to share it with me. In the mean time, if you have an Apple device and do not have Find My iPhone enabled, go do that now! Also, if you missed it last week, we shared the link to the petition to bring computer science to US schools. If you haven't yet signed the petition, I urge you to today!  



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