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By: Jennifer Devitt on March 15th, 2015

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Mobile, it's not just for shopping. Video streaming is making gains.


For the last several years, there has been a great push for mobile. Mobile websites, e-commerce on mobile-friendly sites, and Apple Pay. Mobile has taken over holiday shopping, dominating Black Friday by making every day with online and mobile shopping like Black Friday. With mobile advancements, we don't have to line up at wee hours of the morning freezing. Mobile, it is changing how we do many things. Even how we watch TV, movies, and sports.

Cable and satellite companies are embracing mobile and realizing that the future of TV and entertainment involves cutting the cord for many. Millennials and younger generations do not consume media the same way people did in years past. Millennials get their news from social media and other online sources. They want their entertainment on demand and on the go.

Many entertainment companies are rushing to meet the demand. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are reported to be in four of ten households, with Netflix dominating 36 percent of the households. Not to be left out satellite providers like Dish Network offer Dish Anywhere and the newest arrival Sling TV. With offerings like Dish Anywhere, subscribers can watch items from their DVR or live on iPads from anywhere. Sling TV allows for users to view a small sample of channels for $20 a month. Many view this type of service, which includes ESPN and breaking news as a companion to streaming services like Netflix. Kids today are not missing their favorite team, nope they are streaming the games to their devices. Take my own son who was watching the Yankees game from a hospital waiting room the other day while visiting Grandpa, He was using his iPhone and MLB At Bat Premium. He can also watch whatever game he chooses in his room via Apple TV.

HBO is branching out on their own as well. In the past, cable and satellite subscribers using services like Dish Anywhere could watch HBO shows on mobile devices if they were subscribers.  But now, HBO is changing the game. With their HBO Now service, you no longer have to be a cable or satellite subscriber to enjoy hit shows like Game of Thrones. Starting in April (ironically when Game of Thrones returns with a new season) owners of Apple TV can pay $14.99 to subscribe to HBO via their Apple Device. You can stream to your iPads and iPhones as well. It has been reported that Apple secured a exclusive 3 month deal . In addition to securing exclusive rights for 3 months (again ironically the time that new Game of Thrones episodes will air it's 13 new episodes) Apple has dropped the price of a Apple TV device from $99 to $69.  In the past on our Tech Gift Guide blogs, we have given Apple TV  a thumbs up review.  We use it to stream from computers to our TV on a regular basis.

New streaming deals for TV shows are always in the works. Just this year as of January 1st, Netflix snagged Friends and it is being reported that Seinfeld will be coming to Amazon or Hulu for a hefty price tag which could top $100 million dollars. Binge-watching is the new norm. Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon are now offering their own exclusive shows. Popular shows like Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Marco Polo and Amazon's Transparent are giving networks a run for their money. Orange is the New Black and  Transparent are both critically acclaimed and have nabbed several coveted awards.

So, as you can see, mobile is not just for shopping. Mobile is taking many industries by storm. With the release of the Apple Watch, and the success of Disney's Magic Bands , mobile devices and technology are just scratching the surface of what we will see in the future. Mobile payments, streaming, shopping, travel assistance and more. Has your company embraced mobile or you still one of the business still resisting? With the continued advancements of mobile, it's hard to imagine a justifiable reason to resist.