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By: Jennifer Devitt on January 14th, 2014

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Modern technology and how it intertwines with everyday life.


Modern technology. It's getting to be unavoidable for some. For others, it's a crutch in this thing we call life. Some forms of technology, like smartphones and tablets, are like an extra appendage for some. Something we can't live without or find difficulty taking a break from. For some it's a result of their business and/or job, for others it's just something they love or are addicted to. I know I am guilty of being addicted, having an extra appendage or having a crutch, as I am sure many of you are.

Apple, in my opinion, has done an outstanding job in the last couple of months showing that the way life and technology are becoming inseparable is not always a bad thing. I am speaking specifically of Apple's recent ads. One was a holiday commercial many of you may have seen. The "Misunderstood" ad with the teenage boy creating a video of all the heartwarming memories his family created that he wanted to share with his family as seen from his perspective. The other "Your Verse" is a new one I just saw yesterday which focuses on the iPad Air. This ad is narrated by Robin Williams Dead Poets Society character, Professor Keating. The footage is of people doing any number of things, from traveling to working on hockey plays to scuba diving and more. In the background, Robin Williams character is quoting Walt Whitman's famous poem "O Me! O Life!". Towards the end, he asks "What will your verse be?"

In my opinion, Apple is asking, just has Mr. Whitman is asking "how will you contribute to life and how will you make your mark?". Modern technology is helping millions make their mark or adding their verse by giving them technology at their fingertips to create new things. To document precious memories, share stories, enhance sports plays, build better things and more.

Many will preach about the need to unplug when you are on vacation. I can say unplug for work when you can, but why unplug from technology? Smartphones and tablets are irreplaceable life recorders. Sure a memory can live in your imagination or heart, but how grand is it to be able to preserve and share how you lived each memory from your point of view with your family or friends? Isn't it fantastic to have devices at our fingertips that we can use to immediately teach a lesson, improve our vocabulary, provide directions and more?

When you view these creative and moving ads from Apple, it becomes hard to deny how apps and devices enhance your life. The possibilities are endless, giving you the opportunity to add your verse and leave your mark. So, I am quoting Mr. Whitman and asking "What will your verse be?". Tell me how you use technology to enhance your life.