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By: Jennifer Devitt on December 2nd, 2014

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My app of the day is "FingerKey". A bluetooth app that works with Apple's Touch ID.


It feels like I haven't shared a new app I heard of recently or a new one that I am currently using that I think you would enjoy. So, let's fix that, shall we? Today, I have an app to share that is simple, and probably won't deliver the longest blog post ever, but I find it utterly delightful.

Surely, I have your attention now, no? You must be wondering what could this app that is so simple, and she is calling it delightful? Well, I won't delay any longer, I will tell you. It is called FingerKey. FingerKey is a Bluetooth app that utilizes Apple's Touch ID technology.  Currently available only for Apple devices and according to FingerKey, devices beginning with the 4S and 2011 MacBook Air or newer and 2012 iMac or newer.

I am new to Touch ID. I have it available for the iPad Air 2 and my iPhone 6 Plus. Let me tell you, I love it. Being a woman, who loves having longer fingernails, at times, I can get, uh shall we say typo happy? Yep, that's right, even though I can type 60+ words per minute typically, nails and smart phones, texting, etc can be fun if you have nails. But, that's a price I will pay for manicured fingers, sorry. Anyhoo when Dave heard about this app, he thought I would love it to unlock my MacBook Air, and he was right!

Certain reviews and/or tech articles state it can be bugging with the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, but I have not had any issues. Your iPhone and Mac must be in range, and on same WiFi network. I have found that you first must get your Mac booted up and running (connected to the internet). So the first unlock must be via keyboard, but after that, it's smooth sailing!

This app is obviously available in the App Store, and in my opinion is worth the $1.99, and I highly recommend it! So, if you have compatible devices, give it a go.  If you enjoy Touch ID (and really who doesn't?) you will love this.  Do you already use it? Does it work for you, if so on what devices? Have you had iPhone 6 or 6 Plus issues? Oh, wait! Did I mention it does work with my iPad Air 2 and my MacBook Air as well??

As always, if you have an app you would like me to try or review, feel free to reach out. We are always interested in new apps that are cool, fun, time-saving, etc. If you have an idea for an app that you would like to see in the App Store, contact a developer today!  So, on that note, have fun unlocking your Mac via your mobile device!