Nintendo NES Classic, Visual Studio, Twitter abuse, Secret Code and Google PhotoScan in tech news. Blog Feature

By: Jennifer Devitt on November 15th, 2016

Nintendo NES Classic, Visual Studio, Twitter abuse, Secret Code and Google PhotoScan in tech news.

It's Wednesday so that means it's tech news day. In the near future, you will be seeing some changes here at the SYDCON blog. We will be going back to more industry specific posts and cycle in some posts from our actual developers. As many of you can imagine, it's easy to hit a phase of writer's block and veer off topic, or you get swamped with day to day business and then sometimes the blog gets lost in the shuffle. Our hope is to have a new blog cycle in effect starting around the first of the year, so stayed tuned! As we round out the end of 2016 expect to see our annual Thanksgiving, holiday tech gifts guide, and holiday posts.  In the meantime, let's see what kind of tech news I have for you this week.

1. Nintendo NES Classic. Yep, it launched on 11/11. Were you one of the lucky ones to grab one? Reports indicate that many retailers only received small quantities and they were snapped up immediately and they are now selling on Ebay or Craigslist for $1200 +, a huge markup! One of our local stores said they only got 7! I blame Nintendo for not foreseeing this. I understand supply and demand, but this is extreme. I have seen some really good reviews mixed in with a few not so good. It seems the main complaint is the super short cords that the controls come with, so if you get one, grab the cord extenders!

2. Microsoft Visual Studios coming to Mac? It appears Microsoft let the cat out of the bag early. Originally the news was scheduled to be announced later this week at the Microsoft Connect conference, but was leaked with the early release of a blog post! So for all you software developers out there, you can soon build for Windows applications on Mac.

3. Twitter helps block nasty tweets. Are you tired of seeing abusive or vulgar tweets? Well, Twitter has been listening and now allows users to block specific words, hashtags, and even emojis.

4. Secret Code for girls. A new book that allows customization will help girls break tech stereotypes.  Secret Code is a book about a young girl who loves coding, but hates chores and creates a robot to help her out. Girls can customize the main character to better relate. Girls can customize the character by race and ethnicity.

5. Google PhotoScan. Check out this app from Google. PhotoScan allows you to scan all of your old photos without having to take photos of them that can leave an unwanted glare. The app is available on iOS and Andriod. So, dig out all your old boxes of photos and start making them digital and share them with your family and friends.

Well, there you have some tech news to tide you over. If you have something to share feel free to send it my way. Happy reading.    



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