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By: Jennifer Devitt on February 7th, 2016

Post Super Bowl Sunday Brand Bowl review. Let's talk the favorites and the bizarre.

Avocados from Mexico 2016 Super BowlHappy Monday! How is everyone this morning? Still waking up after Super Bowl Sunday? As I have stated in the past, I am not a football person, so I cook lots of tasty treats for my family and only watch for the ads. I enjoy live tweeting the brand bowl. And, besides like I heard on the Highway this morning playing nice and not complaining while hubby celebrates that "man holiday" of Super Bowl Sunday will surely gain me brownie points for the upcoming "woman holiday" Valentines Day, right? Ha! Last year I wrote our post-Super Bowl Sunday blog in my PJ's from my home office because we had been hit with 15 inches of snow! Well, not that I would mind a work from home Monday, I am thrilled we didn't get any snow. Even our youngest said this morning she was glad we didn't have any snow days because that means for the first time in years they hopefully (knock on wood) won't have days added on in the summer! So, let's talk #brandbowl shall we? I am sure if you are active on social media, you have seen the tweets and reports that "Twitter is Dying". Well, according to Spredfast via Twitter last night, in the first hour of the game, Twitter saw 1.6 million Super Bowl tweets. I for one saw lots and lots of tweets, lots of engagement and unfortunately many offensive tweets as well. So, I think it's time to stop penning all the Twitter obituaries! As far as the actual ads and halftime show. Let's discuss what I thought were the winners and losers or some that just well creeped me out, shall we?

1. Super Bowl Babies. Ok, let me just say that I felt for all the parents of younger children who were watching with their kids. I wouldn't want to field those questions. Thankfully our kids are of the age where they would rather die than discuss that with us!  One of my Twitter pals, Liz Jostes, well she was not so lucky!

2. Pharmaceutical poop ads. These ads, uh were just something that made me stop and go "seriously"? I mean, I understand there are many individuals who suffer from these conditions, but I don't know I just didn't feel this was the appropriate venue. And, if you were live tweeting, I am sure you saw plenty of potty/bathroom jokes tweeted for the rest of the evening. Although maybe they thought with all the overindulgence on Super Bowl party food, our stomach, and digestive issues might be on our minds? I don't know, they just were not for me.

3. Halftime show. I thought it was a great show. I enjoyed all the performances from Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyonce. I thought it was a nice mix of various musical genre's and I really enjoyed the videos highlighting the performances of the past 50 years.

4. National Anthem. I thought Lady Gaga nailed it. I thought her outfit was beautiful and she rocked out a great rendition of our National Anthem.

5. Audi. I have three favorite ads that I really enjoyed, I can't say I would rank them, I enjoyed them all equally for varying reasons. I enjoyed the Audi R8 ad and its tribute to Buzz Aldrin as well as David Bowie. I also was glad that Audi didn't channel Christian Grey from 50 Shades of Grey and his love for his R8!

6. Avocados from Mexico. This was a hit in our house as well. For one thing, I love avocados and Mexico. But, I thought this was well done. Teaching Aliens about human life with the "torture device airplane' and our "alphabet of Emojis" and well-blasting someone who double dips who wouldn't want the power to do that?!

7. Honda. I just loved the Honda Ridgeline ad. I mean come on how can you not love those adorable sheep singing tribute to Queen??

8. James Corden and Cindy Crawford. I know technically this wasn't a "Super Bowl" ad, as it ran after the game. But I don't care, I love James Corden and was looking forward to this one. The Corden/Crawford parody recreation of her classic 1992 Pepsi commercial was hilarious!  And, who wouldn't want to age as good as Cindy has?

9. Doritios. Alright, I usually enjoy the Doritos commercials, but"Ultrasound" not so much.  I just found it to be a bit, ah strange.

10. Jeep. Now, I said I had 3 favorites, but there were others I enjoyed, and Jeep "Portraits" was one of them. It was creative and moving. Happy 75 years Jeep!

So, there is my wrap up. I have to say I saw too many offensive and disgusting tweets. And, I am not easily offended. I am not excessively politically correct, etc. So, when I say I see things that made me uncomfortable I am not being overly sensitive.

I think on a whole this year, my family consensus was that the ads this year were weak, bizarre and somewhat confusing. I saw so many tweets pointing out missed social media opportunities for larger corporations.  I saw someone suggest Skittles should've sponsored the halftime show! This was a brilliant idea by Daniel Flucke. Overall, we had an enjoyable day with family traditions (although our oldest had a stomach bug and didn't join us. To which she used a Super Bowl/Toilet Bowl reference). I also thought this year seemed to have more TV show ad spots and many more public service type ads like Drinking and Driving from Budweiser was to the point and well done. Did you take part in Brand Bowl? What were your favorite or not so favorite ads? What did you think of the halftime show in the bright sunshine?  Oh yeah, there was an actual game that took place and someone is going to Disneyland. (although for only the second time in history, Disney did not run the ad) ...did your team win?



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