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By: Jennifer Devitt on June 17th, 2014

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PowerGen Battery Pack for iPhone. A must have for the traveler, my review.


With the continued increased usage of smartphones, it's not unusual to find your battery quickly depleted. I know that many cars today offer USB charging capabilities, and if you carry your cord around all you need is an outlet to charge back up. But, if you are on the go, and need a solution that doesn't require an outlet, I have a recommendation for you.

One of my favorite tech gadgets is the PowerGen 5200mAh External Battery Pack. I have recommended it in the past as a last minute tech gift for the gadget lover. With travel season in high gear, I figured why not give it an actual review.

I have had my PowerGen for almost 2 years now. It has been on several Disney trips, helped me out on the baseball field, or sat and charged on the couch when I need a quick recharge. We also have a larger PowerGen for iPad charging as well. The PowerGen 5200mAh is what I like to call a "bullet". It is small in size (smaller than my iPhone), and light weight. I can easily charge my phone while carrying it my purse or in certain pockets. It offers a speedy full charger. The charger can provide two full charges to a phone before needing a recharge. The device itself also can operate as a flashlight if needed. The general specs of the PowerGen 5200mAh are as follows:

1. Average iPhone charging time is 1.5 hours

2. The life cycle is 500 charges

3. Dimensions are 3.66 x1.69x0.87 inches 4. Weight is 7.2 ounces

With the accelerated growth of mobile devices, mobiles sites and apps, we often find ourselves with low battery life. Amazon sells the PowerGen 5200mAh for $29.99 and it is well worth every penny. I have gotten spoiled by it and tend to charge my iPhone with the device versus by plugging into the wall. Although, lately I have to fight the kids for it since they always let their batteries run down and frequently ask "can I use the fast charger?". At $29.99 it might be time for us to purchase an additional one. Do you have an on the go battery pack charger you use and love? How often to do you find yourself in need of a charge and have no outlet nearby? Pick up one of these little guys and you won't be sorry!