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By: Jennifer Devitt on October 19th, 2010

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QR Codes & The Importance of Quality Landing Pages


So, everyone is talking about QR Codes these days, from Mashable: "Why QR Codes Are Poised to Hit the Mainstream" & "City of New York Blankets Time Square with Giant QR Codes" as well as many other sources.

If you just use your imagination, you can find all sorts of creative ways to use QR Codes to the benefit of your company. Take for example the article in Search Engine Land: "QR Codes Are You Ready for Paper-based Hyperlinks?" They have some great ideas on how to use QR Codes. Even Ralph Lauren has used them to show off limited edition collections or launch lines of clothing. And Dick's Sporting Goods put QR Codes on the JumboTron during a football game to offer special discounts on their website! Many firms are adding them to their business cards and mailers too. Even Realtors are putting them on property fliers to direct potential buyers to the online property listing.

QR Codes can offer your company valuable tracking information on how your advertising dollars are working, and where they are working best. They can help you track how well promotions succeed in certain areas.  For example, did your promotion work better in the store or on the web?

Something to keep in mind though when using QR Codes, to implement them seamlessly, is the landing pages the QR Code is directing the customers too. Make sure they are well designed, mobile ready, have great content and most of all, are functional. If your landing pages are not in order all the effort you went through to come up with the campaign, get the codes and distribute them will have been for nothing.

Most companies that are using QR Codes are creating micro-sites for the landing pages. If you are thinking of running a QR Code campaign, let's talk about what is going to back that code up, the landing page or micro-site. Contact us today for a Free Consultation on how we can help your QR Codes Campaign succeed!