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By: Jennifer Devitt on January 25th, 2015

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Really? There's an app for that?


There is a popular catch-phrase, "There's an app for that". Apple received a trademark for that phrase in 2010. As the App Store continues to grow, more and more this phrase is hard to dispute.

It has been reported that as of July 2014, the Andriod users had 1.3 million apps to choose from and the App Store boasted 1.2 million. That's a lot of apps. But, yet while there are apps for many, many things there is always room for more. And as new things are created or new ways to do business, etc there will always be the need for an "app for that". We discuss apps on the blog here often. In fact, if I find something fun, productive, time-saving, etc I love to share them with you. I also will always wrap up that review with calling on you to bring your app ideas to life and join the developers in Apple's App Store who have earned $20 Billion dollars as of the beginning of 2015.

You may be wondering where I am going with this? Well, last week there was all sorts of chatter about a new app called "Invisible Boyfriend" and it's counterpart "Invisible Girlfriend". Now, I am rarely shocked anymore with some of these things. I will laugh, and say "no way, really?" often. This is one of those instances. I mean I am not surprised, but I guess I am in a way. Only in the way that it's just out there now.

Now, this app is said to be geared to assist those in convincing overbearing parents, siblings or concerned friends that you are not going to be forever alone eating Chinese in your sweats curled up with your cat. Caroline Moss, from Business Insider, experimented with the app (no this is not one I am going to try out and review, thanks).  In her findings, she reports that you can customize your boyfriend or girlfriend by choosing, names, ages, locations and where you met to start. Caroline does some fun experimenting to see what types of replies she will receive.

What I would like to express by way of telling you about this app, is that no matter how silly someone else may think an app is, there could very well be a place for it in the App Store. Sure, many have said "there's an app for that", but face it we know there isn't always one! And when there isn't one, and you have an idea for one, talk to an Apple approved developer and join the masses of successful developers and/or companies with apps generating income. I read once that the most successful apps are created out of frustration and wishing there was a better way to do something, or wishing there was "an app for that".  So, what are you waiting for, bring your ideas to life?