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By: Jennifer Devitt on October 27th, 2015

Retro video games and our recent trip down memory lane with Mario Brothers.

Nostalgia, retro, throw-backs. Sometimes you take a trip down memory lane to share memories, tell stories or just relive important moments in your life.

And then, sometimes you do it just for fun. Recently we did just that. How you may ask? We purchased a retro video game system. In our house, we have always had various video game systems throughout the years. Dave and I played them back when we dated. My sister and I had them as kids as well. Fast forward to today where we have been playing them for years with our own kids. We have enjoyed Wii bowling tournaments, massive Mario Kart tournaments and what could be more fun that chainsawing locusts with your son in Gears of War? Trust me, that's a great stress reliever.

Recently as the weather has been getting chillier, Dave and I have reminisced and said we wished we had some of the old school games we used to have. We told the kids about all the fun we used to have. So, Dave did some digging around on Amazon and found a cheap, fun solution. Enter the "Retro Bit Nintendo NES System" and a used copy of Super Mario Brothers 3. The kids were skeptical but looking forward to giving it a try. I wasn't sure how they would like it, especially our Xbox son who has a hard time with even older movies and TV shows. You see he is all about high tech and graphics.

The game arrived and we quickly found out we are no longer as good at it as we used to be. But, alas it is fun. Our kids sat by watching and laughing and were shocked that you could not save your progress. How dumb they thought. They tried, and were frustrated but were having a blast. It's amazing how easily these games frustrate based on new gaming systems ability to save progress, etc. In old school games, you start over and perfect skills.

We were having such fun with Super Mario that Dave then got his childhood favorite Donkey Kong. I never was a fan, and let me tell you have not learned to appreciate it like a fine wine that ages well either! HA!. Our kids find that game just as annoying but are still plugging away. Some of my favorites were Centipede, Millipede, Space Invaders and all the PacMans.

Do you have a soft spot for retro gaming systems? Which was your favorite or perhaps you still have them, I would love to hear about it? If you're looking for something to pass your time or a way to show your kids what things were like back in the 80's in the way of video games, I would highly recommend the system. For the system and 1 game, it has been a $45 well spent for some fun and laughs with our kids and a trip down memory lane!

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