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By: Jennifer Devitt on June 7th, 2011

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Several ways your company can benefit from custom web application development...


Custom web development, it's not just for creating websites! Sure, "web" is in the title/description but there are lots of "web-based" or custom application development solutions your company can deploy to become more efficient and streamlined.

For example, is your HR Department bogged down in paperwork from resumes/applications? Have you considered creating an applicant tracking system where all information about a potential new hire is entered in a custom developed system allowing for the candidate to be tracked from start to finish? All paperless.

Or, maybe your business has a large product line and an antiquated inventory system? Have you ever considered a web based inventory management system that can be accessed in real time by all your employees no matter where their office is?

Another option is Mobile Web applications, not iPhone Apps or Droid apps, but mobile business apps in general. Are there aspects of your business your clients or staff would like to access on their mobile devices? Say product inventory?

There are lots of options available, all which can be custom developed to meet your company's needs, and only your company's needs. Contact us today to see how our custom development team can make your business function more efficiently with the latest technology!