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By: Jennifer Devitt on April 20th, 2014

Shopping for sunglasses is a whole lot easier with a virtual 3D app!

Ok, so it's no secret that online shopping is booming, and has been for awhile. Heck if you read this blog even occasionally you know I like to point out the benefits of e-commerce and tablet-friendly shopping sites. I also have a habit of sharing cool new apps we discovered for you to try out. And, I also like to shop. So, when Dave showed me this app over the weekend I was intrigued.

With Mother Nature finally flipping the Spring switch, it is quickly turning into sunglasses weather here in the Chicago area. So, who doesn't love new shades? When looking online for new sunglasses possibilities Dave stumbled upon the iPad app.

The app is a "Virtual Try-on in 3D" which is also available for iPhone and Andriod. Now I am going to tell you this was cool. Dave tried it out first and was surprised at how well it worked. He picked out a new pair of shades he liked. Since it was our first time using this we did go to a local store to see the actual glasses he picked and tried them on. The glasses fit and looked exactly as they did on the app! So, since I tend to wear my shades more than Dave, I, of course, had to try it out! The app directs you on how to position your device and you will need a mirror for best results. First, you turn your head to the left and slowly turn back to center. Then to the right and slowly turn back. Then you position the device just under your lip and reverse the iPad. And, voila you have a great 3D, virtual images to use to try on different styles of sunglasses. There are many styles and brands to choose from. From classic, sporty to fashion and designer. You can choose favorites and get recommendations by your favorites as well.

I had some fun with the app and have several choices in my favorites to choose from. I have not picked a new pair as my favorite brand is not available on there and there is a pair I have been eye-balling and I want to give them one last look prior to deciding on a new pair. But, it gives me more possibilities to choose from. Last week I was set on what I wanted to get, after using this app I explored some different designers and I am happy with the different looks.

Virtual apps and e-commerce will lead the way to the continuing boom in online shopping. I have seen different clothing sites with virtual closets. In fact, one of our clients The Thrifty Princesses offer an online dressing room that we developed. Now, this is not a virtual, utilize your own image dressing room like but it allows you to piece outfits together. Once again the use of app development shows that the possibilities are endless, and that "there's an app for that". And, if there is not an "app for that" why not talk to a developer today about creating one!



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