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By: Jennifer Devitt on September 27th, 2015

"Should I Stay or Should I Go Now"? My thoughts on Apple Music.

Many free trial users of Apple Music maybe quoting the 1982 classic by The Clash "Should I Stay or Should I Go"?. The music streaming service launched on June 30th. And, to say it launched without hiccups or growing pains would not be accurate. And now the free trail is coming to an end.

We were users of Beats Music. While we liked Beats it wasn't exactly the most user-friendly. But it had a wallet-friendly price point for a family plan. When Apple acquired Beats and then turned it into Apple Music we hoped the price point would continue with added benefits. A free three-month trial was a great incentive. But, how do we like it now that it's no longer free? As the song asks, "Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?". Let's discuss.

Well, one of the pluses for us as Beats users was that all of our playlists were going to be merged magically into Apple Music. Or, so we thought. We set up the account, invited our designated "Family Plan" users and said, "yep merge my music and playlists". Well, initially the fist 2 users to convert had no issues. Quick conversion, small learning curve all's fine. But for me, it wasn't so easy. None of my music was showing up. We tried many different things, logging out, logging back in, deleting the app, re-downloading it, etc. Nothing was working. It was almost as if it saw me as a new user not part of the family.

Well, first let me say in typical Apple form, customer service was spectacular. While the resolution took several days, as part of a development firm, I understand launch day issues so I was patient. And, Apple was communicating regularly offering different suggestions. Well, finally one worked. It seems most family plans had issues with all except the main user. We were an odd case that it worked for some and not all.  A plus is that while they were working diligently to fix my problems they voluntarily credited me with 3 free movie rentals for my trouble. During the process I had listener care managers checking in with me to see if my issue was resolved. I will say without a doubt this trumped Beats when we had issues with it originally and service was seriously lacking.

Anyway, let's get to my point. Will we be staying with Apple Music? I will say YES! All five of us love it! Our teenagers who cycle through music constantly are always finding new things via Apple Music. Dave is enjoying the radio stations much more than the Sirius desktop version he was using. The price point for the family plan of  $14.99 is wallet friendly. And, hey they have Taylor Swift! Also, we have noticed a lot of songs that were unavailable on Beats or Rdio (which we used prior to Beats) are also available on Apple Music.

So, did you take advantage of Apple Music's 3-month trial? If you did, what did you think of it and will you stay or will you go?

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