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By: Jennifer Devitt on May 24th, 2016

Siri unlock my door, Levi's smart jacket, Apple Watch, alcohol monitor, Twitter and tech jobs all in todays Tech News.

Another Wednesday is upon us. Time for another round of Tech News. Even with the nice weather finally arriving, I still find time to read up and learn about new tech initiatives. Let's see what I have for you this week.

1. Siri can unlock your front door. By teaming up with August's HomeKit smart lock, Siri can open your front door. If you have a current model Apple TV it can even check to make sure your door is locked and it also has a doorbell cam for when you don't want someone to know your not at home.

2. Google and Levi's are making a jean jacket. The jacket will allow you to control your phone by touching your sleeve. A type of fabric that can sense touch and pressure is being used. It is said to be designed with cyclists in mind so that they can turn up their music or dismiss an incoming call.

3. Tim Cook hints at the future health features of Apple Watch. The Apple CEO has hinted that the device is aiming for more complex health and fitness monitoring. Tim Cook has said he believes we should be able to monitor our health like we monitor or car. Rumors have floated about monitors for blood pressure and blood oxygen level to name a few.

4. Alcohol monitoring wrist band. A device created by a San Fransisco based company has won a US government competition. BACtrack is a medical device manufacturer that just won the $200,000 prize is a breathalyzer manufacturer. The award winning product is said to be called BACtrack Skyn has not yet sought FDA approval. The concept is that the wrist band will monitor blood alcohol levels via sweat on the skin.

5. Twitter makes a change to increase your 140 character power. No longer will your user name or links to outside content count against your 140 character limit! Yippee!

6. We're hiring. We are conducting interviews to fill an in-house custom software developer position in our  Crystal Lake office. Feel free to share!

Those are some interesting things I have read about so far this week. Share with me some intriguing tech news you've come across.



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