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By: Jennifer Devitt on June 15th, 2014

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Six travel apps that show staying plugged in is ok!


Summer is here. That means travel season is upon us. We discussed last week a new app I stumbled called "Gymsurfing". We have also in the past discussed a few other travel related apps, and whether or not I think you need to unplug on vacations. I decided to combine these topics for a summer travel kick-off blog highlighting some the best apps for travel.

Let's face it, most of us rely heavily on our smartphones or tablets for more than just work related things. We use them to watch shows, keep in contact with friends and family, share memories, get from point A to point B via GPS or maps, etc. I am sure it can and has been done, but is unplugging really a realistic expectation or even necessity? There are many articles out there that say why you should unplug. And, I am all for "unplugging" from work related tech when possible. But, in today's day and age, I think technology has it's uses and advantages to how we do things and how we get places that make unplugging unlikely.

So, with travel season amongst us, let's look at a few helpful apps that will make your travel easier.

1. Disney "My Disney Experience". I blogged last year about my experience using Disney's new system. We talked initially about my pre-travel experience as well as my review after using "Magic Bands". Walt Disney himself always had a passion for technology and I believe Disney is on the right track with how technology can enhance your travel experience.

2. TravelSafe. TravelSafe is an app that has a directory of emergency contacts worldwide, with access to police and or medical services via location services. The app also provides contact information for embassy's should you be traveling abroad and have passport issues.

3.FlighTrack. FlightTrack assists users with managing their time while traveling. You can get notifications for specific gates, delayed arrivals, and departures. Friends. family and business associates can utilize push notifications to notify them if a party they are meeting at a destination has arrived or will be delayed.

4.Parking RSVP. This easy to use app allows you find parking near you by using geo-location software. You can see available parking spaces and or garages with spaces available and reserve them in advance right through the app.

5. Trip Advisor. Whether you are looking for a last minute hotel booking or a restaurant Trip Advisor has thousands of reviews and pictures from travelers. Reviews can be sorted by City, State or Country. They can also be sorted by the type of travel, so options like family, business, solo, luxury etc are available.

6. Waze. Waze promises "real-time" best daily routes based on community-based updates. Avoid construction or accident delays, save money on gas by seeing what other users are reporting as the best price for gas in a specific area. Get alerted ahead of time to backups and delays and make your commute much less stressful.

So, there you have a list of just six different types of travel apps available to you as you travel whether it be for work or leisure. These apps are just a small handful of apps available to you that make staying plugged in a valuable tool. What apps have you used while traveling? I am always interested in new apps, especially ones that make traveling easier. After all, we travel with kids, so anything that can help streamline my trip is welcome! Are you a regular traveler who finds certain aspects of travel to be time-consuming or aggravating? Perhaps you could create the next top travel app to help yourself and your fellow travelers have a more stress-free trip, talk to an app developer today to see if you could be the next great app idea! Happy and safe summer travels!