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By: Jennifer Devitt on November 29th, 2011

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Social media ridicule to get new business?


Yes, you read my title correctly. I have seen people attempt to use social media ridicule to get new business!!! Now, I have no clue if it's working, I hope and pray that it isn't! But, when I see this occur it really makes me want to call out the bully by name and draw negative attention to the tweets, but I know that won't accomplish anything, it's just more finger pointing.

I have been stewing about this for awhile as there is a company who does this quite often on Twitter. After reading Ken Mueller's recent post "Quit Yer Whinin'" about using our big stick responsibly I started festering about this more. Allow me to give an example of what I am seeing below. (All twitter handles have been changed)

GraphicDesignerMaster @xyzcompany We'll redo your website; we tend to make things not shitty

GraphicDesingerMaster I can't believe @innocentcompany has such a horrible website. Can we help you guys out? Would love to pour some design magic to make this sell.

Now those are only two of the many appalling tweets I have seen from the same company. Targeting innocent companies who it appears they would like to do work for. Now, maybe it is just me, but I wouldn't run out and hire someone to give me a new design image that publicly ridiculed me out of the blue.

I have had a specific conversation with GraphicDesignerMaster and can tell you first hand that he believes he is holier than thou and that his design trumps all design. He has no problems hurling insults even when unprovoked. My conversation, mind you started on twitter and went to email. I immediately unfollowed the company but it has been a train wreck that I keep going back just to see what kind of appalling crap he is spewing now.

My question is this. When we witness this type of bullying on social media, what is the appropriate way to respond? Never in my gawking have I witnessed the innocent firm that was being attacked take his bait and reply. However, I think that someone needs to call him on the carpet publicly. He is insulting companies without warrant or being provoked.

I get that it probably (hopefully) isn't winning him any new business, whether it be from his target or anyone just looking into his firm, but still. So, what are your thoughts? If you see social media bullying, how do you respond? If you haven't seen it or responded to it, what is your opinion on handling it?