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By: Jennifer Devitt on August 1st, 2010

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Sometimes it does "Take A Village"....


We have all heard the saying "It takes a Village". This saying can be applied to many things, from raising children to improving our climate and our world. But, it can also be applied to business. As we all know, running a business is a complex thing. We all strive to make our clients happy and deliver the best solutions we can. Sometimes in order to deliver the best solution, we need to call on our Village or expand our Village.

There are many ways to make your Village work for you and your clients. SYDCON's Village is vast and growing every day. Our Village consists not only of our staff and clients but also our partners. In the current economy, partnerships help us all help each other. It's hard to staff employees for every task you may have, especially when certain tasks are not a part of each and every job or client.

Our partners get a wonderful benefit from being part of our growing village. They can utilize our expertise when they need us, and we are off helping others when they don't! They are not paying for a full staff of developers all year when maybe 1 in 5 of their clients have development needs. And, staffing 1 developer may not always be the answer, with so many languages and databases out there, working hand in hand with a development firm gives you the advantage of a staff at your fingertips for usually less than the cost of 1 developer.

Our partnerships work both ways too since SYDCON is a custom development shop, we do on occasion have client needs that exceed our area of expertise, and our first reaction to help meet our client's needs is to reach out to our Village for support.

Having a deep and reliable Village will help us all. If we are to survive this economy we all need to work together, increase our services offered and better yet give our clients the BEST solution to their needs.

Interested in becoming a SYDCON Villager? We are always open to hearing new ideas and welcome Villagers to our fold. Let's talk about it!