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By: Jennifer Devitt on February 23rd, 2014

Sometimes it's the simplest of apps that are the winners.

Sometimes it's the simple things that do best. Sometimes success comes out of the blue from where you least expect it. I have read (and mentioned here) that the most successful apps come from something the developer came up with out of frustration or boredom. The first app we ever developed, back in 2009 was one Dave did, just to see if he could. He is a history nerd and loves Presidential facts. So, he made a VERY basic app that generates information based on United States Presidential Facts. The app has not been updated in forever, but we left it in the app store cause it did get regular (although low amounts) of downloads.

Imagine Dave's surprise when he was reviewing some of our stats over the weekend and he noticed a huge spike in the Presidential Facts App. By huge spike, I am speaking of a 4,644% increase in downloads!! Yes, you read that right 4,644% increase. So, we were curious about what may have caused the spike. In doing some internet research we found it listed on The blog is dated 2/12/14 and it's "Top Ten Free Apps for President's Day". So, President's Day and this blog boosted the apps downloads. In hindsight, we wish maybe we were charging $.99 for the app!

These statistics go to show that sometimes the simplest of ideas are the ones that take off, or that are "event" specific. We also have an app for PGA Tour winners that always does well around the PGA Major events. It's another simple, novice app that just shows who won a PGA Major in any given year.

Do you have an idea for an app that could help children learn about facts? Or do you have an idea for an app that will ease the frustration of others by simple functionality? All apps don't have to be high tech, not all users are high tech. Think about the mission of the app and its target audience. Why not bring your idea for an app to the app store and join the millions of developers who have earned $15 billion from the app store.

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