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By: Jennifer Devitt on June 26th, 2012

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Stop messing around, get your mobile web in order now!


Ok, unless you live under a rock you know that mobile usage just keeps rising, with no slow down in sight. Are you one of those procrastinators that still doesn't have a mobile site?

In 2011 66 million tablets were sold and by 2016 E-retail is looking to increase 62%. Microsoft is hoping to give Apple and the iPad a run for its money with the recent announcement of the "Surface" and its prediction that tablets will overtake PC's next year!

And, that's just tablets. Mobile phones/smartphones aren't going away anytime soon either. Smartphones account for half of mobile phones. So, whether you worship Apple's iPhone or Droid, it's time to bring your business current, get your mobile house in order.

If you own a restaurant, for example, its time to rid your site of Flash, music and PDF menus. With half of mobile phones being smartphones, it's a pretty good probability that someone who is considering your establishment is looking for an online menu, and one they can view on a smartphone, quickly and easily.

And, the same goes for all the boutiques out there. If e-retail is going to increase 62% in the next four years, its time to make sure your customers can purchase items from their iPsmartphonest phones. Because, with stats like 62% increases, you can bet that if your customer cannot complete their purchase from you they will find a online vendor whom they can.

Outside of those staggering statistics, here are 5 key reasons mobile should be important to you:

1.Ease of use - Your website may look fantastic on a desktop, but bring it up on a smartphone or tablet and your site may look cluttered and be impossible to navigate.
2. Faster loading times - On a desktop, your website may be lightening fast, but we all know mobile internet speeds can be incredibly slow. Having a mobile website will mean a smaller footprint and faster load times.
3. Key services/information -Your mobile website doesn't always need to have your entire website optimized for mobile. Mobile websites can just have your key information and contact info.
4. Not everyone is doing it - Chances are your competitor does not have a mobile website. Stand out as a leader in your industry with the latest technology.
5. Search - Google keeps regular websites and mobile websites indexes seperate and there are far less mobile websites in their index.

So, what are you waiting for? Do you have clients who are stalling when it comes to going mobile, if so show them this article with statistics. Time to move forward and get your mobile in order, let SYDCON help you get your site optimized now!