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By: Jennifer Devitt on October 8th, 2013

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Streamline and "Go Green" by going digital.


A key factor for many businesses today, in the current economy, is cost cutting. Another factor for many businesses is "Going Green" or the preserving the environment. And, a key factor for clients is instant gratification or quick turn around. These days everyone wants to save time and money. There are several ways this can be accomplished through programming or by working with a web developer. Right now, we are going to focus on digital catalogs and digital training manuals.

Let's face it we all know that sales staffs today function in a different world than they did ten years ago. For most companies, gone are the days of big expense accounts and salesmen spending their days on the golf course or entertaining at fancy restaurants. Many companies don't have that type of budget anymore, and quite frankly many clients don't have the time for it either. Clients have cut their staff and have to spend more time working versus giving up valuable time being schmoozed. In today's economy, it's about making sales and making them quickly. Clients want to know if products are in stock when they order them and they expect lightening fast turn-around. Enter digital catalogs.

Digital Catalogs

Equip your sales staff with digital catalogs in lieu of expensive, easily outdated, heavy paper versions. Digital catalogs can be placed on iPads or other tablets. Digital catalogs can be constantly kept up to date without the need for reprinting. You can instantly add new products. Digital catalogs can be programmed to communicate with your inventory management system so that sales staff can access real-time inventory and assure clients of availability. Digital catalogs can also be programmed to link with your accounts payable and receivable systems allowing for instant invoicing and payment if desired. By streamlining your systems your clients are receiving quick delivery and turnaround, allowing you to make a faster sale. This also allows you to reduce paper usage by cutting out paper invoices and increase your odds of a fast, on-time payment. With a digital catalog system that is integrated into your inventory management system, you can also process orders with your vendors to keep your inventory at a manageable level. If you maintain your stock, your clients won't have to look to your competition if you run out of a key product and they have a time crunch.

Digital Training Manuals

Digital training manuals are also environmentally conscious and cost effective in the long run. Keeping them up to date is easy without the need for reprint. You can link them to your Human Resources department as well so that if stages of training require manager sign-off or approval it can be done digitally. Part of the training or new hire orientation can be having the manual tied to online personal forms or documents. Manuals can also be linked to your companies Intranet so that employees can have access to company policies, corporate news or announcements, job openings, insurance forms, etc.

Now, you may be thinking that connecting all these systems via custom programming will be expensive. In the long run, consider all the money you will be saving on printing costs. You will no longer have to reprint large catalogs or training documents. You can eliminate paper invoices, mailing envelopes etc. Not reprinting all those catalogs will save many trees and be good for our environment as well.

Environmentally Conscious

By having digital catalogs, system integration, and digital training manuals you can be proud to say you are an environmentally conscious company. You can discuss it in your "About Us" section on your website. Many prospective clients look for companies to work with that are eco-friendly.

Could your sales staff benefit from digital catalogs? Would streamlining your business via system integration and connecting your catalog to your inventory management system help increase your sales? We would love to discuss with you the many options available to you by going digital. Contact us today to discuss digital options.