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By: Jennifer Devitt on August 3rd, 2014

SYDCON is celebrating our 10 year anniversary!

It was 10 years ago today, SYDCON officially came to be! Wow, has it really been 10 years? Like many startups or tech startups, SYDCON was started on a folding table in our spare bedroom of our first house. It started with Dave teaching himself to program on what is today an outdated computer, all while he was working full-time for another firm and we had three very young children! Programming and computers not only was a job for Dave but also became his hobby.

SYDCON started out with Dave being freelanced out by his full-time employer. Today, Dave likes to say "SYDCON started out as gas money, escalated to vacations, then to what I do to support my family." In 2011 I wrote a blog about our journey and it was featured on Troy Claus then blog "Entrepreneurs Journey", you can read it in its entirety on our blog, here. Dave went from having zero computer skills to today being a highly skilled web developer, iOS Developer, Project Manager and President of the always growing SYDCON! I remember one day when his "hobby" was taking up a lot of his time as we were building the business. Dave was trying to decide about getting a laptop. His selling pitch to me was "If I get a laptop I can spend more time with you!" meaning he could be in the same room as me, even if his mind was elsewhere! HA! I still laugh about that to this day!

We started out with many local non-for-profit companies or small local events and grew to partner with digital agencies such as Marketing, Graphic Design, and PR firms as well as being the right hand to many larger scale and Fortune 500 companies. We still work with non-for-profits, but as a way of paying it forward, we typically do that on a pro-bono basis. Some things have not changed since Dave started teaching himself to code. Today, we are always tackling the latest idea or projects that many others turn down due to the complexity of the project.

As we mark our milestone today, of 10 official years, we would like to say thanks to all of our supporters, clients past and present, our staff and our family for being there with us every step of the way. Today, we are still growing and prospering. In fact, in case you missed it, we are expanding and hiring a PHP Developer. The past 10 years have gone by in a blink, and we look forward to the future. If we haven't crossed paths or connected in the first 10 years of SYDCON, feel free to reach out and connect! In the meantime, join Dave (see pic) has he jumps for joy as we celebrate 10 successful years!

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