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By: Jennifer Devitt on December 13th, 2015

SYDCON's Annual Holiday blog. It's a Wonderful Life, enjoy it!

 It's a Wonderful Life Wow, can you believe it's already time for SYDCON's annual Holiday blog? I sure can't. I have always been a big fan of holiday music and movies but with this unseasonably warm weather here in Chicago, it is necessary to make it feel like Christmas time! So, on that note, it's is time for me to invite you to take a listen to my favorite Christmas song, Jingle Bells by the Barenaked Ladies.

Another year is coming to a close. What can we say about 2015? It has been another busy, fun and successful year here at SYDCON! We know that we would be nowhere without our amazing staff, loyal clients, and our supportive family. We are proud to say that our family at SYDCON has grown by three employees this year! And when we say, family, we mean it. We view our employees and clients as an extension of our family. I

n year's past, I have shared some of our traditions and some of my favorite things about Christmas. Because we are a family set in many traditions, that list doesn't change too much. However, our kids are getting older, and we are now officially a house of non-believers (other than me!). In fact when I decorated the tree with the kids and they were hanging their Polar Express bell ornaments I pointed out that I was the only one that can still hear it ringing!

As your kids get older, some traditions change. Sure, Santa is fun. But as your kids get older and stay up later, it can be tiring! So, now I enjoy taunting them as they see the wrapped gifts prior to Christmas morning. Now, the kids help more with the baking. In fact, our son is learning how to make the long passed down homemade bread.

This year, not only are our kids getting older, so are our parents. Our kids are fortunate to have all 4 grandparents still living. But, alas they are aging. So this Christmas we are spending time reminiscing with them as some of them begin the process of sorting through too many belongings and passing items down to the kids and grandkids. Our kids are old enough to understand it's time to appreciate the time that's left and that makes holidays more sentimental this year. Take a lesson from one of our favorite holiday movies, "It's a Wonderful Life" and enjoy life to the fullest!

So, for this year I would like to encourage you all to take some time to slow down from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and enjoy the time of year. Appreciate all the good in your life. Share some memories with older and younger generations as well as make some new memories. As we all learn the time flies by, enjoy what you can when you can.

On that note, everyone here at SYDCON wishes you and your's the warmest of holiday wishes and the best in the New Year. If you are still scrambling for gift ideas, check out our tech gift guide, although proceed with caution on number 9 - the Segway Smartboard. Lots of reports of some of these bursting into flames and Amazon pulling them from stores. Happy Holidays and thank you for being part of the SYDCON family!  

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