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By: Jennifer Devitt on December 8th, 2015

SYDCON's annual tech gift guide. We offer up 12 perfect gifts for your tech lover!

It's hump day! Man, the week's are just flying by. Only 15 more days until Christmas. Is everyone ready? Have you made your list, checked it twice? Perhaps you're one of the lucky ones and you are all done with your holiday shopping. Well, if you are not, or perhaps you are always open to more ideas to spoil that someone special then I present to you the SYDCON 2015 top tech gift blog!

We have done this list the last several years here on the blog. I think you will find that in the month of December we have a few blogs we have made an annual tradition and this is one of them. I have several tech lovers to shop for. I love reading tech news and finding out about the latest gadget. I am not necessarily one to be a gadget geek, but I do enjoy reading about them and sharing them with others. So, without further adieu, here is this years list!

1. Apple TV. Yep, again. If you have followed this annual blog yearly you know it always makes my list. And, this year there is a brand spanking new one complete with a new interface, an app store, games and more!

2. Star Wars The Force Awakens movie tickets. Yeah, I know these babies went on pre-sale some time ago, but don't worry as of the time of publishing on this blog our friends at Fandango still had tickets available in my local area for the opening day December 17th so don't give up hope! That still gives you 8 days to binge watch the entire series and be ready for the new movie.

3. Lightsaber. Yes, this is the year for Star Wars gifts that's for sure. Check out Vader's Vault for Lightsaber gifts for your favorite Star Wars Fan!

4. Apple Watch. Check out my August review of the Apple Watch and why I decided to get on board. Several places like Target and Best Buy are offering deals on the Watch, probably because rumors are a new one is coming next year.  Or for your Apple fanboy that already has a Watch, perhaps a new band! Or if you are feeling uber generous get that special someone the Apple Hermes Watch edition....cough, cough, hint, hint Dave!

5. iPad Pro and Apple pencil. Of course, good luck finding the Pencil. That is unless you are willing to shell out over $300 on eBay. We reviewed the iPad pro just after launch. We still do not have a pencil and I have a STEM presentation I am conducting at the end of January that I would really love to be able to use the pencil for. Hey Santa, can you ask Tim Cook to send me one for Christmas? It's for the kids, after all, I am presenting at a STEM for girls conference!

6. Subscriptions. Again if you follow this blog, this is a yearly suggestion. It's quick and easy and perfect for last minute ideas. Try things like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Apple Music, Dropbox, password managers, etc.

7. Apple Magic Mouse 2. This is on my list. I love my Magic Mouse, but go through batteries like crazy! This one is rechargeable!

8. Amazon Echo. Want the ultimate in voice control? Get an Echo. You can have it play music, answer questions, read audio books and more!

9. Segway XI Smartboard. Hey it's 2015 we are supposed to have hoverboards, right? This is close!

10. Tile phone and key finder. Do you have an absent-minded professor on your list? Are they always miss placing their keys or their phone? If so get them the Tile phone and key finder!

11. iPhone. No holiday tech gift list can be complete without the iPhone on the list. Whether you splurge on the latest 6S or go for the previous iPhone 6/6 Plus or even still available 5 you will make someone very happy!

12. Polaroid Zip mobile printer. It works with iPhone or Andriod via blue tooth connection. Great gift idea for those who love to fill picture frames, photo albums or teenage girls who love to hang them around their rooms or put up in their lockers!

Well, there you have a list of 12 tech gift items to help you survive shopping for the tech geeks on your list. Heck, you may even find some on here you want for yourself! If you found the perfect must have tech gift, feel free to share it with us! I hope this list makes your shopping easier and makes someone on your list very happy!  Happy shopping!



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