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By: Jennifer Devitt on November 8th, 2015

Take a look at some of 2015's latest tech gadgets to make holiday cooking easier.

As we head into the second week in November, we get closer to holiday celebrations. Holiday celebrations and get-togethers typically go hand in hand with cooking and a lot of it. Holiday parties and get-togethers tend to mean cooking for a large group of people.

Technology is making cooking and entertaining for large groups easier. Smart appliances and cooking gadgets are making it simpler for the chef/hostess to prepare a feast while also being able to mingle with their guests. This holiday cooking and smart kitchen tools blog is becoming an annual tradition. If you are new here, you will see that throughout November and December we have several annual blogs we do each year. So, if you like to cook and tend to have large holiday gatherings take a look at some of the latest smart gadgets I have rounded up for you.

1. Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale. This smart scale sold by Williams-Sonoma works on iOS and Andriod. The scale boasts that it is the only one available on the market that "monitors the entire pour-over brewing process". It has a brewing notes feature available to save things like coffee blueprints, notes, and a journal. Clearly a coffee device for the coffee connoisseurs amongst us!

2. Williams-Sonoma Smart Tools for iPad. Yep, another gadget from Williams Sonoma. This set boasts an iPad stand with a Bluetooth speaker. The stand itself allows for horizontal or vertical positioning of the iPad as well as power cord management. The set comes with a removable anti-glare screen shield to keep your iPad clean from any potential splashes or splatters.

3. Somabar. This Kickstarter is a wifi connected craft cocktail appliance. The creators dub it as the first-ever "app-controlled robotic bartender".  The corresponding app allows you to scroll thru a menu of various cocktails. In fact, the FAQ boasts over 300 recipes and says anyone in the world can add recipes to the app.  The Somabar is said to be in its final manufacturing stages and is available for pre-order now.

4. Drop kitchen scale and app. Drop is a smart kitchen scale with a corresponding iOS app. The gadget allows you modify recipes with ease. It can help you reduce or modify recipes for a smaller crowd or based solely on the amount of ingredients you have on hand.  It can offer simple recipe substitutions as well as help you track your food consumption.

5. Pantelligent smart frying pan. This smart frying pan with its available app in the iTunes and Google Store helps you monitor the proper cooking temperature and help ensure that meats are cooked to proper, safe temperatures. The pan has alerts to avoid burning and over boiling. It will tell you when to flip an item, how to sear it, and more via step by step instructions.  As Pantelleigent says you wouldn't bake something in the oven without a thermostat, now you no longer have to use a pan without a thermostat. From now on you can know your exact cooking temperature.

Well, there you have some of the latest kitchen gadgets available to help you make your next dinner party or family holiday gathering a success. Do you have any smart/connected kitchen gadgets you use to ensure the perfect meal every time?  Share with me some of the items you use to allow you to mingle more with your guests while still monitoring all your hard work in the kitchen! Happy holiday baking and cooking! Bon Appetite!



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