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By: Jennifer Devitt on April 26th, 2016

Take a look at this weeks tech news edition. Join us, and sign the petition to boost tech education.

It's Wednesday, so you know what that means. It's time for another edition of Tech News Roundup. It's been kind of a slow week in tech news, at least it seemed that way. Maybe people are still absorbing the season premiere of Game of Thrones or mourning the Blackhawks first round playoff exit. Not to worry though, I came up with a few things for you.

1. Apple assists in restoring iPhone of missing teens. Apple has agreed to try to resurrect the waterlogged iPhone from one of the two missing teens who disappeared in July while on a fishing trip. Apple is not going against its stance on encryption here, they are simply attempting to make the phone functional again.

2. Control your Andriod TV with your iPhone or iPad. Yes, you read that right, control something Andriod via an Apple device. Google has launched an Andriod TV app via iOS.

3. Google honors Prince.Google utilized a simple purple font and some purple rain drops to honor the late Prince.

4. Vivint Smart Home wants to be the Apple of Smart Homes. Vivint is a Utah-based company that offers smart home services. They don't sell their own hardware, they sell a monthly service which starts at $54 a month. Included in that monthly fee, Vivint will install all of you smart home devices for you such as a Nest, smart lights or door locks and more. They will also offer you 24/7 customer service and technical support for all the devices they install.

5. Tech excess sent a letter to Congress about tech education.  Tech executives at Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon to name a few are asking Congress for $250 million dollars to help them fund school districts to teach code. The petition has also been signed by Governors in major cities around the world in both political parties.  Apple CEO Tim Cook had this to say about the letter and push for tech education in schools:

"America should be a leader in computer science education, yet today most schools don't even offer this foundational subject," the petition reads. "Please join the CEOs, governors, and education leaders below and ask Congress to support computer science in every K-12 school â€“ for our children, and for their future."

The letter points out that these corporations and leaders have already donated tens of millions of dollars, including a recent $48 million dollar donation this week.  You can join the initiative and sign the petition here.  I urge you to join them and sign the petition today. SYDCON is a firm believer in computer science education.

If you read any new or interesting tech news this week, feel free to share it with me.



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