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By: Jennifer Devitt on April 12th, 2016

Tech news round up Wednesday is here, check it out!

It's Wednesday, time for a tech news roundup. Although, tech news has been kind of quiet this week.  So, let's see what I can dig up, shall we?

1. Boston judges orders Apple to help law enforcement. Yes, again. This time the judge is requiring "reasonable assistance" with the phone of an alleged gang member.  More and more this is proving Apple's theory that this has nothing to do with law enforcement.

2. Google will now warn users of deceptive websites. Google is boosting a safe surfing initiative by warning users of websites that host ads that designed to trick users. These ads may be engineered to look like they come from a legitimate source such as a software update or browser notification.

3. Apple and Siri gearing up for Game of Thrones. In two news reports this week, we can see that Apple and maybe Siri are big fans of Game of Thrones and are anticipating the season premiere on April 24th as much as the rest of us. Have some fun asking Siri if Jon Snow is dead or ask her some other random Game of Thrones questions. My favorite answer is:

Who me? Siri, first of the Name, Siri Siliconborn of House Apple...

4. Apple Watch is a hit in the healthcare field. We have discussed the Apple Watch potential in healthcare here before. I have stated I think that is where it will soar. Apple is saving lives, medical devices are working with the device, medical studies are being conducted with the use of Apple Watch and research kit and more.

5. Apple uses celebrities in new ads for Apple Watch. A fit Joe Jonas running and answering a fitness challenge and Alice Cooper playing golf? Why not. Check them out for yourself!

Maybe you read some great tech news that I missed so far this week, share it with me on Twitter.



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