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By: Jennifer Devitt on January 7th, 2014

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The app industry shows no sign of slowing down. Don't miss the boat.


Are you looking ahead to the fresh New Year, and planning your companies budget for 2014? Are you trying to decide what tech areas would best suit your firm? I encourage you to consider the app arena. In 2013 Apple App Store sales topped $10 Billion dollars! And, according to Apple, December 2013 was the App Store's best month ever with almost 3 billion apps downloaded! Those numbers are phenomenal. And, it's not just good for Apple. A third quarter report from App Annie showed that Google Play had 25 percent more downloads, but was behind Apple in revenue when compared to the Apple App Store.

So, what do these stats and incredible figures mean for your business? Does your business have a app? I read once that some of the best selling apps were ones that were conceived out of frustration. Is there something that would make your day easier, make your business more efficient, make your employees more efficient or give a value added service to your clients? My guess is that most of you would reply "Yes!" to at least one of those. Maybe you don't exactly know what it is that would make it easier, but chances are you have a idea. Think about it. I am sure you have all said at one time or another "I wish there was something that did X like this". Well why not talk with a developer today and see if you can do just what you are imagining. Who knows maybe you can join the ranks of Apple developers who Apple reports have made $15 billion in the App Store.

While many businesses are unique, programs or apps that would make one executives job performance better would help a executive in a different industry or at a different firm. Create that next best selling app and not only save yourself some time, but make some money while helping another person be more efficient by having them purchase your app.

So, tell me, do you have the next great app idea? Maybe it's just something that you think will make your life easier but not be a top seller? Let's talk about what it would take to bring it to reality. Don't let 2014 skate by without moving forward in technology and joining the growing app industry.