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By: Jennifer Devitt on January 11th, 2015

The App Store shatters more records. How can mobile and app technology help you do the same?

Apple has had yet another record-setting year it seems. Yeah, you might be asking "what else is new"? Well, maybe it's not a question so much of "what else is new" as much as it is how can we all follow in their footsteps or jump on their coattails? You see, the record-setting event I am talking about is once again the App Store.  It appears the store is once again breaking records.

We talked about this topic last year as well, I know. But I think it warrants revisiting. You see Apple is reporting that in the first week of January 2015, customers spent a "half billion dollars on apps and in-app purchases".  They also reported that developers have earned $25 billion from apps and games. Reports from tech outlets worldwide say that New Years Day 2015, was the best day ever for the App Store.

Now, you may say that app downloads were up due to the new iPhone release in the fall of 2014. And perhaps that may be a partial reason. But, it's not like all the sales of the latest iPhone was brand new iPhone users. No, many were current customers upgrading to the latest device. In fact, the launch of things like iOS8, ApplePay, and HealthKit among other options are key as well.  The App Store consists of a wide variety of categories, and as you can imagine, games still hold the top spot. But with advancements in areas of HealthKit as well as the "Internet of Things" and the connected home, there are even more categories available.  Apple can now boast more than 8 million app downloads.

Ok, you may be saying, "yeah, yeah" so Apple is raking it in. How does this affect me? Well, if anything it should serve as a kick in the pants to businesses and individuals alike that mobile and apps are not going anywhere but through the roof. Year after year analysts are reporting major increases in e-commerce, mobile, and apps. Usage is continually climbing and revenues are growing. With the consistent year after year reports of gains in these areas isn't it time, your business got on the bandwagon?

With reports right from Apple of developers earning a collective $25 billion from apps and games, and e-commerce killing it this holiday season, isn't it time you talked to a developer to discuss how your business can benefit from this technology? In 2015  more than ever the possibilities are endless no matter what industry your business is in. From home appliances to healthcare and beyond, the possibilities of what you can do with a mobile device and/or an app are endless.  With the promise of a new year and new budgets, take the time to think about how your firm can embrace technology and grow along with the Apps Store and mobile trends. How do you plan to use technology to take your business to the next level in 2015?

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