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By: Jennifer Devitt on April 27th, 2014

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The coolest app for parents with young athletes. GameChanger.


It's no secret that I am a sports mom. Most of you know that I have an insanely active almost 13-year-old. We are often chasing him around to either travel hockey or travel baseball. The world of youth travel sports is insanely competitive and it's not for all kids...or parents for that matter. One thing that parents and kids alike in competitive sports follow is stats. Stats can be used by kids and parents and coaches to find a player's weaker area and focus on improvements as well as showcase what they are excelling at.

His team has been using an app to track baseball stats now for the last two seasons. GameChanger is currently available to track basketball, baseball and softball statistics as well as the ability to view the game in real time. With a subscription to GameChanger, parents, grandparents or approved fans can watch each pitch and every at bat almost as it happens. I know if my Father-in-law was more tech savvy he would really enjoy watching his grandson throw strikes from the comfort of his recliner in front of his fireplace instead of freezing on the field!

The app tracks each pitch, each at-bat, fielding, pitching, errors, etc. You name it you can get statistics and/or percentages of it. At the end of each game, there is even a game recap of game highlights. Some may say this is overkill for kids sports. But, when you get to middle school and worked hard, and high school and then college and scholarships are on the horizon it's not so crazy.

Several years ago in hockey, we had a goalie Mom who used to use her iPhone and the notes app to use hash marks to track shots on goal to attempt to get her son's save percentage. At the time, there was no app for that. Now there are several hockey stats apps in the app store. I think tracking hockey stats would be harder than baseball due to the faster pace, but if I was a goalie Mom, I would try!

Do you use apps to track statistics? Maybe not sports related, could be business related. Share them with me, we always love new apps to try out. Or, maybe you have an idea for an app and would like to bring it to life. If so, Let's talk about it.