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By: Jennifer Devitt on April 19th, 2016

Time for some tech news. Check out the latest edition of our Wednesday Tech News segment.

It's time for another Tech News roundup. It seems as though the tech news will stay focused on Apple and encryption for some time, so of course, I have some of that. Let's see what else I came up with shall we?

1. Taylor Swift for Apple Music. Yes, Miss Taylor is at it again with a new ad for Apple Music. This time, man does she make me feel old talking about a song from when she was in middle school. Watch Taylor get ready to go out and lip sync Jimmy Eats World "The Middle". And here she tried to fool us that she was anti- Apple Music at first!  I love these ads because it's giving more songs to add to my running playlist rotation. Keep 'em coming to Taylor & Apple!

2. Hosting companies big Oops! Hosting company 123-Reg had a major "DOH!" moment. They "accidentally" deleted an undisclosed amount of client websites. Reports say the deletion was due to a script that 123-Reg ran that had a major flaw.

3. Find my iPad. Well, Apple helps the police in ways that don't require them to create a back door. Find my iPad-assisted Bangkok police in arresting members of a major violent armed gang. A gang member stole an iPad Mini that had the feature installed.

4. Groups representing major tech firms oppose new bill. Several groups that represent Amazon, Netflix, Google, Apple, and Microsoft sent an open letter that addressed their concerns about a bill being drafted by Senators Richard Burr and Diane Feinstein. The groups weigh in on the potential dangers associated with the specification of the new bill.

5. Apple explains security in wake of FBI battle.  Apple stresses that nothing is 100% secure. Take a look at how they explain their security and encryption process.

6. A duck waddles again thanks to 3D printing. Ok this poor little duck, Phillip lost his feet to frostbite. Enter Jason Jischke, a Wisconsin Middle School technology teacher and his students. They created some 3D printed webbed feet to get Phillip back up and waddling again. The little guy is still getting his balance back, but his rescuers are optimistic!

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