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By: Jennifer Devitt on November 8th, 2011

Today I got the monkey off my back.

I made a liberating choice today. I decided to practice what I preach. I decided to not participate in something that I am deeply critical of. I decided to get the monkey off my back. This morning, I disabled my Klout profile. It was a freeing feeling! I then went and revoked Klout's access to my Twitter account and Facebook account, and anything else it was linked to.

So, don't look for my score on Klout, don't look to see what they say I am influential in. As much as I appreciated all the +K's I received, don't go there and attempt to give me points on the silly things Klout says I am influential about, you won't find me there. Instead, look for me on our website, look for me here on our blog, look for me on Twitter, or Facebook. Look for me at our office. Those are the places I hope to make a difference. Those are the places I hope to connect and have relationships with you all. Those are the places you can decide what SYDCON or I am influential about. Those are the places we are proud of. Take a minute to say "Hey" on Twitter or start a conversation in lieu of giving me +K. Take a minute to chat and learn about me instead of reading a list of topics that I probably know next to nothing about. We can use that minute to learn about each other and actually gain something.

Let's make the most of social media and decide for ourselves who is influential and interact with each other out of choice versus a number in a popularity contest.

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