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By: Jennifer Devitt on September 28th, 2014

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Top 4 headlines that stuck with me after being on vacation!


 If you are a regular reader here (first of all many thanks!), you probably noticed I played hooky from the blog last week. We were off visiting the Mouse in DisneyWorld with the kids. So, I opted to take the week off versus scheduling blogs in advance or blogging instead of spending time with my family. See, I can unplug. When I say unplug I mean from work (as much as possible). I assure you, my iPhone was still physically attached to me...and who am I kidding, my family all had theirs too (the pic was taken with said iPhone).

So, how to start a Monday back at the office after a week off? I figured I would do a highlight of the headlines or stories that caught my attention last week. Hey, you may have missed them too, right???

1. Budweiser "Friends are waiting" ad. My teenage daughter sent me this to put on last Friday's "IT Thing" blog. But, since as I mentioned I took the week off, I am including it here. This is an awesome ad. I am glad it touched her too since her driver's license is right around the corner.

2. iPhone 6 Plus "Bendgate". Seriously, who comes up with this stuff?  It is a fragile, smartphone. It is not intended to be a seat cushion, put in a blender or bent. Consumer Reports put it to the test. Check out the results. On a side note, Dave got his iPhone 6 just prior to leaving, he is pleased with it. We stopped in an Apple store yesterday and to my surprise, I am considering a 6 Plus when I can upgrade. I will let you know what I decide.

3. Fire grounds O'hare.  OK...seriously?? This has been our year for travel related delays. We had an 8-hour delay a few months ago.  We had a minimal delay Saturday of 40 minutes.  Not bad considering the havoc that was caused in Chicago and around the US due to this!!

4. Derek Jeter, a final farewell. Well, DisneyWorld or not, we paid attention to the Captain's final moments!! My son teared up after seeing Jeter's final at-bat at Yankee stadium! And what an at bat it was, a walk-off single!!  I am proud to say that Derek Jeter has been my number "2"'s role model for years. And this article gives us all lessons we can learn from Derek. I personally felt for his Mom watching his final at-bat in Boston. I can totally understand her weeping as he left 1st base for the dugout for the final time! Farewell Captain, you will be missed!!

So, there are four things that stuck with me last week.  Now, I have some catching up to do around the office. See you Wednesday...enjoy this fabulous week of weather we have forecast here in Chicago area!