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By: Jennifer Devitt on June 10th, 2014

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Top 5 Father's Day gift ideas for the techie or gadget loving Dad.


Father's Day is this Sunday. Many people find getting gifts for men to be difficult. Gone are the days that the number one gift for Dad was a new tie. In 2014, most Dad's don't wear ties to work daily, or heck ever! And, it's not like Mother's Day where you can grab a bouquet of flowers or a random piece of jewelry that says "Mom". I mean ok, yeah I guess you can give Dad flowers and I am sure there is "Dad" jewelry out there. Heck everyone knows you can easily find "Best Dad" t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc. But, do gifts like that ever make it out of the closet?

Let's face it, in 2014 most Dad's are into gadgets and gizmos. They may not all be "techies" but they still like gadgets. So, if you are looking for some last minute ideas on what to get Dad for Father's Day this year, I am here to help. Just like we did at Christmas on the blog, I have a list of a few things to consider for the tech/gadget lover Dad in your house.

1. iPad. If your husband or Dad doesn't have one yet, consider getting him one. I know Target actually has the iPad Mini for $199 this week. Dad's can use the iPad to stream sports games, read the sports news, watch their favorite show or take pictures. The uses are endless.

2. Apple TV. Dad's can stream from their tablet or phone to the TV via Apple TV, they can watch movies or podcasts via rentals from Apple or access Netflix or Hulu from the device as well.

3. PowerGen Charger. This little device that is actually one of my favorite things is a small, portable charger that can recharge an iPhone in record time. It fits easily in a pocket. And at Amazon's low price of $29.99 its a steal. We have had ours well over two years now and can easily charge 2 iPhones before we need to recharge it.

4. Fitness tracker. If your Dad is a runner or gym enthusiast or even just getting into fitness, there are many devices that help them track their progress. Garmin has watches that track mileage and calories, Polar (my device of choice) has varying levels of watches and heart rate monitors. There is also Fitbit, Jawbone and many others. Many devices work with your smartphone to help you track long-term progress.

5. iTunes gift card. Whether your Dad is a golfer, fisherman, runner or even a reader. There are plenty of apps they can use to up their game or further stock their library. An iTunes gift card will allow them to download say a golf GPS app, or a fishing/hunting app. Whatever their interest I bet there is an app for it.

So there you have a list of 5 tech related gifts or gadgets at reasonable price points to replace the tired tie or "Best Dad" gift. What item is at the top of your Dad or husbands Father's Day wish list? Make Dad's day and get him something he may actually use for a change. And, Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!