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By: Jennifer Devitt on October 11th, 2015

Traveling and technology. Why staying "plugged in" will make your travels easier.

Traveling and technology. The two seem to go hand in hand these days. If you are traveling for leisure these days you may find that unplugging is different that it was a few years ago.

If you're a regular reader you may have noticed I was MIA last week. We spent the week on a family vacation with our kids. I would say for us, this was the best week yet for being able to "unplug" from our office. In large part, this was due to our outstanding staff who held down the fort. It was also in part due to technology. Below are a few ways technology made our trip smoother, and while not unplugged, connected and plugged in for the better.

1. Planning ahead. By using apps and software we were able to schedule and/or automate some tasks before we left so that it lessened our load while we were gone.

2. Travel Apps. By using travel apps for the airline we were able to reduce paper and have more information at our fingertips. We used digital boarding passes as well as text messaging for flight alerts and delays (we had several). But the advance notice made dealing with the delays easier.

3. My Disney Experience. Yes, we went to the Magic Kingdom. I have blogged about my love for the Disney Magic Bands and My Disney Experience website and corresponding app. It requires planning ahead, but I like things that way. Our kids liked knowing the wait times for rides so we could plan where to go next. They like that we schedule their must rides in advance. By using Magic Bands, you eliminate digging in bags or pockets for room keys and park tickets.  Disney makes changing your plans on the go a snap.

4. Apple Watch. By setting notifications to my watch it eliminated the need to check my phone constantly. Although I wished for it in advance, I think the My Disney Experience app on the Apple Watch would be a phenomenal addition! I still think Disney is showing the potential of what devices like Apple Watch can be. With the plethora of options available throughout Walt Disney World via the Magic Band, it is a glimpse of what wearable tech is capable of.

5. Home monitoring. Traveling in the fall can mean arriving home to temperatures that are quiet different than your vacation destination. To save energy we utilize our Nest Thermostat to control our home temperatures and arrive home to a comfortable indoor temperature. These days there are apps for home security and monitoring as well.

6. Fitness/health trackers. If you are trying to stay on course with your fitness goals while on vacation, you can utilize trackers to keep track of your goals. Apps like My Fitness Pal to track meals and calories. Apple Watch showed me exactly why I need a vacation after my Disney vacation. Having walked just under 80 miles, I feel like I have a valid excuse to replace my Nike's! Ha.

So, you see, as I have said in blogs in the past, these days unplugging while gone isn't as important as it used to be. Being connected can make travel easier and allow you piece of mind. What types of technology do you utilize when you travel? Do you still feel like you need to unplug to have a relaxing break? Being a business owner, we know that unplugging is not a reality. There are things we need to be available for as well as keep tabs on. Technology has come along way in making travel easier.



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