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By: Jennifer Devitt on November 10th, 2013

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Twitter's IPO and how the naysayers were wrong about Social Media.


All the chatter in the last couple of days has been about Twitter's IPO. Social Media is abuzz with wonder on how it will be different that Facebooks IPO. It appears they must be doing something right initially has reports show Twitter stock jumped 72% on the first day.

Social Media is a booming business and its helping other businesses boom as well. A few years ago the naysayers thought social media was just a fad. Most of those same people also thought that online shopping, e-commerce, and mobile were also fads. Many a small business thought they didn't need social media or a solid online presence. Countless companies, big and small still relied on mailers, the phonebook, or outdated websites to reach their customers.

Statistics show that eight of the top ten Fortune 500 companies have a Twitter and Facebook presence. Many of these companies are reporting success stories from their social media campaigns. Here at SYDCON, we have found success in social media as well. We have generated new leads and converted several to new clients all thru the power of social media. Our success has mainly been attributed to Twitter so far, but we remain active on other networks as well, such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.

As you can see by some of the statistics above, social media isn't going anywhere. While it will evolve and change just as the internet has on a whole, it will continue to grow and be an essential part of business. How does your company utilize social media? Have you experienced success by using Twitter or another outlet? We would love to hear your success stories. If we are not yet connected via social networks, please feel free to reach out to us via any of the networks. It's time companies who doubted the power of social embrace it.