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By: Jennifer Devitt on July 21st, 2009

Understanding the Lingo

Custom Development, Web Developer vs. Web Designer....what's the difference? For prospective clients, there is a lot of lingo out there, and the definitions can vary based on who is selling the answer. We get asked often "what is custom development", or "what's the difference between a web developer and a web designer?". I will try to differentiate those here. Custom Development What is custom development? Well from SYDCON'S perspective, it is everything entirely from scratch, hand coded for each specific project, based on each specific clients needs. You may say "all shopping carts are the same, can't I just use the plug-in from yahoo?" Well, here at SYDCON we create our e-commerce sites based entirely on your products and target consumers, making it "custom" to your business. You may also ask, "how long will the site take to build?" Well, if you want it to work and be exactly what you asked for, then the old saying "Good things come to those who wait" is fitting. When we give a timeline, it is based on creating your site from scratch based on your detailed specification, customization, and quality testing, these things take patience. Web Developer vs. Web Designer What's the difference between a developer and a designer? We were once told that they are one in the same, but in reality that couldn't be farther from the truth! A developer is a programmer or a coder, a technical person...some may say a geek! A designer is an artsy/creative person...basically the old right brain vs. left brain theory. Essentially you will need both for website creation, however, some designers can do minimal code, enough to get by, but nothing custom or detailed. So, which do you need then? BOTH! Here at SYDCON, we have a talented staff of developers skilled in a multitude of languages to suit your needs as well as designers to bring YOUR ideas to life. Another aspect of "Custom" is that here at SYDCON our designs are products of your ideas/direction. It is YOUR website for YOUR business, why should it look the way we want it too? Deciding between firms? When you are shopping for your website needs, ask yourself if the firm that is selling you "quick turn-around" based on a system where you can "plug in" your own information and PRESTO your site is up in a few days vs a custom site, is what you want. With the "box plug in" your site is in most ways a copy of another. Your business is unique, and your website in many cases is your 1st impression, do you want it to be just a copy of another with a different cover? Here at SYDCON, we don't use any premade templates, design or programming. So, you won't see your site anywhere else (unless someone loves it so much they hire someone to copy it!). So, the bottom line is, if you want it your way, and want it right and unique give us a call. If you want a 5th edition copy of the best selling novel with redesigned cover that is done in a few days with limitations, maybe call the other guy.

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