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By: Jennifer Devitt on January 26th, 2016

Valentine's Day is approaching, why not give a tech inspired gift this year? I have some ideas!

Monday is February 1st. That means Valentine's Day is upon us. Ah, Valentine's Day, or has the cute kiddos say "Valentime's" Day, is all about showing your love and devotion. For kid's it's a hit, because well there is candy and a classroom party. But, it can be a hit for grownups too!

Last year it was anticipated that spending in the US on Valentine's Day would approach $19 billion dollars! Whoa, that's a lot of cards, chocolates, and roses! But, in today's day and age, it's not always about flowers and candy. According to a poll by PR Newswire 38% of individuals polled want a smartphone for Valentine's Day! It is also a big e-commerce shopping day, with shoppers spending 30% more online.

So, with the above-mentioned statistics and the reality that you probably want to stay in the good graces of your sweetheart versus finding yourself in the proverbial "doghouse", I offer you some tech-inspired Valentine gift ideas that go beyond the flowers and candy.

1. Smartphone. Well if 38% of individuals polled want a smartphone for Valentine's Day, shouldn't it make my list?

2. Tablets. Again, with online shopping and expenditures on the rise wouldn't your fashionista, shopaholic sweetie love a tablet? Or perhaps your sweetie likes to watch his favorite shows or sports events on the go, let him stream it on his new tablet! Maybe go the extra mile and take some time to load the new tablet with some apps you know your sweetie would love and show how well you know what they like for extra brownie points!

3. Apple Watch. Perhaps you can splurge on a Rose Gold edition or now that Apple is selling the luxurious Hermes edition online why not wow your sweetie with one of those? I know I wouldn't complain if cupid sent one my way!

4. Tech cases. Today there are tech cases out there for all your devices to fit anyone's style and budget. From high-end Louis Vuitton to cute less expensive color or print ones.

5. Wearable tech bling. If your sweetie is a fitness lover and uses a Fitbit, check out Tory Burch for fashion inspired jewelry pendants and bracelets to conceal their tracker.  Or, check out Swarovski "Activity Crystal" for some serious bling and wow factor!

If you are looking to go beyond the ease of flowers and candy that well anyone can get last minute, think outside of the box and give a tech-inspired gift that will far outlast the candy and not wilt in a few days! How about you? Would a tech-inspired gift top your Valentine's Day wish list?    



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