WatchOS 3, Google VR on iOS, iOS 10, tech for diabetes management and Samsung note 7 battery cap in tech news. Blog Feature

By: Jennifer Devitt on September 13th, 2016

WatchOS 3, Google VR on iOS, iOS 10, tech for diabetes management and Samsung note 7 battery cap in tech news.

Happy Wednesday! Did you miss me last week? As I mentioned the week prior I was on vacation. We had a fun, whirlwind trip to Walt Disney World! We were not disconnected though. Dave and our son were watching some of Apples iPhone 7 announcement at lunch! Geez, boys and their toys!  The iPhone 7 wasn't a big enough change to entice Dave & I to upgrade, but our son sure tried to convince us to front him all holiday and birthday money for the next year plus so he could get a Watch 2 Nike edition...yeah no his negotiation skills leave something to be desired. Ha! Anyway, let's see what tech news I have for you today, shall we?

1. How to access the Control Center on WatchOS 3. I updated my watch overnight, so I haven't done much with it other than use it for my 5 am workout, accept Dave's activity sharing invite and get meeting/calendar updates. So, I will be using this handy how to later!

2. Get Googles Virtual Reality photo app on iOS. Want to take your own panoramic photos to use on Google Cardboard? You're in luck the app is now available on iOS!

3. Top 11 iOS 10 features and 12 hidden gems. There is a lot of new stuff packed into iOS 10. Here you can see what is predicted to be the top 11 features and then read this to find 12 hidden features! What's your favorite so far? We have been having fun sending new kinds of messages via iMessage. And I do love the iMessage home screen bubble.

4. Alphabet aims eye at diabetes management. Verily, Alphabet's Life Science division is on a mission to make diabetes management easier. By teaming up with pharmaceutical firm Sanofi, to help patients manage all aspects of life with diabetes.

5. Samsung caps Note 7 battery charging to avoid overheating. OK, this device scares me. On our return flight on Saturday American Airlines even made an announcement addressing the FDA restriction on the device. They stated it must be powered off and remain so and not plugged in. Samsung is capping the battery charging to 60 percent to try to prevent overheating.

There you have some tech reading, I know it's heavy on Apple news, but well, a new operating system and new devices will do that. What have you been reading, anything I would be interested in? Feel free to share it! Happy reading!    



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