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By: Jennifer Devitt on September 21st, 2015

Wearable technology is not just for fitness. How can you integrate it into your life?

Wearable technology. You either love it or you hate it, or perhaps you just don't get it. There are certainly many options out there, depending on your needs. Some say nothing on the market interests them for many reasons. Reasons could be that the device doesn't do enough for the user, or it could be the price tag or it could just be a lack of interest.

Many view wearable technologies as something strictly for the health conscious individual. And, that may be true when it comes to devices that are pure "fitness trackers". But with the Apple Watch and Andriod Wear, consumers have other options outside of fitness now. Wearable tech is trying to find its footing in a market that has been dominated by fitness. I have seen many say "I haven't worn a watch since I was 11". Ok well, that doesn't mean you can't change that. Styles and fads change. Popular things come and go and come back again. Just ask my 16-year-old daughter who wishes I had kept items from my 80's teen closet.

Last week developers and users alike were anxiously awaiting the release of Apple Watch OS2. Sadly, it was announced on the morning of September 16th that the software was delayed due to a bug. Well, yesterday Apple launched the new software.  Will this software update encourage more consumers to purchase the Apple Watch? It's hard to say for sure. But, I can say that I was at an Apple Store on Saturday looking at bands, and once again the counter was busy with prospective buyers. In fact the three times since the launch I have visited the display it has been busy with new buyers.

What will the new software do to entice new customers and keep early adopters engaged in the watch? Well, just like Apple products before it, the success of the watch will greatly depend on innovation, creativity, and development. With new options being available to developers expect to see more apps that are geared towards developing the Watch into something consumers didn't expect to need.  If you are one of the uninterested consumers because you don't have an interest in fitness or a not a developer that doesn't mean you couldn't find a use for the Watch. In my opinion, I believe it will be the consumers and the developers that send the Apple Watch up the success ladder. Individuals and companies alike will be contacting developers to bring their ideas to life on the Watch. Some time ago, I read an article that said the best and most successful apps come from the frustrations of a user with a lack of options. That user then comes up with an idea to make his/her life easier and fill the void in the app store.

So, if you have not jumped on the wearable technology bandwagon, what's holding you back? Do you view them strictly has fitness devices? Is it the cost? Or, do you just not see how it would beneficial for you. Think about your everyday activities. How do you use your smartphone? Would there be times you would rather not have to pull out your cellphone but would benefit from a notification? Perhaps it can help you monitor a child, dinner on the grill, remind you of an appointment or be a personal safety assistant? Just like the iPod, iPhone, and iPad before it, the possibilities are endless. The device now allows developers to access more components to encourage innovation. Take some time to think, maybe you could create the next great app for the device. They are not just for fitness enthusiasts.

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