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By: Jennifer Devitt on September 10th, 2013

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Web Design vs. Web Development


Art vs. Logic, Visual vs. Technical

They may start with the same letter, but design and development are two totally different things. So what is that difference?

Web Design
SYDCON often partners with outside design firms who have no problem creating the visual layout of the website. The design can include a company logo, main website image, the arrangement of links and their descriptive wording... basically, anything you physically see or experience on the web page itself. The art of the website that is optically pleasing and gains or keeps site users on the actual page is the specialty of a good designer.

What brings them problems is making the website actually work.

Web Development
A developer comes in after the design aspects of the website have been finished. The visual piece of the website is ready and looks good, but it needs functionality. Pictures and information stored in a database, scripting language that makes the website dynamic, a shopping cart that allows for online purchasing if a product is being offered, and a Content Management System (CMS) that allows for a non-technically trained site administrator to make changes and updates to the site and its content are all examples of work that a developer would be contracted to take care of.

The two usually try to keep from dabbling in each other's fields and leave the other to their area of expertise. What is nice about SYDCON is that we employ both design and development teams to be able to meet the needs of your specific project. You don't have to worry about communication between a design firm and development company; those conversations happen inside our office. No miscommunications, no cross chatter or conflicting opinions. And there's only one person you have to worry about talking to.

If you are anything like me before I started working here, these concepts and the things involved with them are foreign entities. Let us handle it and alleviate your confusion and anxiety about getting your website out of your head, off the ground and onto the internet.