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By: Jennifer Devitt on October 20th, 2013

Web Developers Don't Just Build Websites

Since web developers often work behind the scenes, sometimes the range of what a web developer is capable of doing gets lost. Sure, web developers have talents in website programming and website maintenance, custom shopping carts, and the list goes on. But some of the more unique work a developer does is often lost in the scope of the project's magnitude.

In this blog, I will address a different "hidden talent" that web developers possess. Those little-known-but-cool aspects of development projects deserve some recognition!

iPhone/iPad Apps.  Creating an app is a great way to add functionality, streamline a potential customer's experience, and reach the millions of apple users. The addition of an app for your business can be a significant way to boost your business' marketing efforts as well as adding another area where people can view your product or service. Apps can be developed either as an extension of your website or a completely separate entity and impress your customers with your business' tech-savvy approach.

System Integration.  Allow your website to connect with outside systems to ease the accessing of information or the purchasing of items. With an integrated system, your customer's information is processed through the outside integrated source, streamlining the process and keeping the customer on your web page during the information gathering or buying process.

Intranets/HR SoftwareAn intranet can be created to enable employee only access to a specific part of your website. Departmental information, HR forms, supply orders, and more can be viewed from the intranet, allowing your employees greater access to pertinent and necessary information. And because it is online, access is faster and easier than if it were contained in a paper manual. A Content Management System would also allow website administrators to edit or update any information without having to send new manuals to the employees or store locations.

Rewards Based Systems. Reward loyal customers with things like point based discounts or the accumulation of points that can be redeemed for free product. This allows a customer to cash in a reward for a product or service. Also, employee recognition and rewarding can be a sub-category in a company intranet that allows for positive reinforcement and increased workplace morale.

Custom Reports. Instituting custom reports in your business shows you as site administrator important information regarding your customers, such as how many you have, specific information about them, what they are purchasing, and how much they are spending.  Based on this information, you can recommend certain products to customers based on their purchasing history and habits.

Inventory ManagementGain total control over the inventory displayed on your website through an inventory management system. A web developer can program a system that allows you as site administrator the ability to oversee available product and how much is available as well as manipulate the product information. In addition to editable content, there is also the option to program automated content.

APIsAn API is an outside software entity that exists to help add functionality to your website. Some common examples are E-commerce APIs that allow for the approval or denial of transactions made via your website's shopping cart, or the Google Maps API to help site visitors find a location near them where your product can be found.

Workflow SystemsA workflow system is an automated system that sends form data to different parties involved in the completion of a process, whether it is the manufacturing of a product or requesting a day off. The institution of a workflow system is much faster than sending paper copies to whomever necessary while saving printing and distribution costs.

These multifaceted talents are what make up a good programmer. A lot of what programmers can do gets lost in the grand scheme of the website's development; once the website is live and everything works as it should, it can be easy to forget all of the intricacies involved in what makes your website's functionality possible.

If any of these sounds like something that would benefit your business by adding functionality to your website, let us know. We offer free consultations and would love to talk with you about how to improve the working quality of your website and make things easier for both you and your customers.

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