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By: Jennifer Devitt on July 27th, 2014

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Web Developers. They don't just build websites, they leap small buildings in a single bound!


Web developers. They are "faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive able to leap tall buildings in a single bound." No, wait, my bad, that's Superman! But, I bet web developers do more than most people think they do. The average person probably thinks they do what their title says, "develop websites."

Now "develop websites" can mean different things to different people. Some people can think that means they build a standard issue, everyday website. Others may have a full understanding of the intricate projects that developers are capable of. Now, not only are there different definitions of "web developer" there are also different levels of developers. I guess you can say developers are kind of like superheroes in that they all have their own super-power and some may also have their kryptonite. Depending on your project needs there are different developers available for your needs. Today, I would like to outline what sets us here at SYDCON apart from the others.

1. Apps. We are Apple-approved iOS developers. We have test apps we have developed just for fun and apps we have developed for companies. These apps are available in the App Store. 2. System Integration. Are you looking to have your accounting system communicate with your e-commerce system? Or would you like your e-commerce system to be able to work with your inventory management system and automatically reorder items you are low in stock on?

3. E-commerce. Not all e-commerce sites are created equal. Sometimes a boxed solution may work for your business but, for many, a customized solution is required. You may offer varying options for shipping, discounts, in-store pick, etc. The options are endless to what can be achieved.

4. Database development. Here at SYDCON, we specialize in PHP/MySQL development.

5. API Integration. Do you require 3rd party data to perform specific tasks on your website or app? Do you want to link to FedEx to offer shipping tracking or Google Maps? No problem we work with and create API's daily.

6. Online Learning Management. Whether you are an online educational institution or you require your employees to maintain specific education skills. You can have online quizzes, education materials and the like enabled on your site.

7. Online forms processing. Make things easier for your human resources department. Have digital forms that applicants or vendors can fill out digitally that then allow information to be stored in a database as well as routed to the appropriate department.

8. Digital Product Catalogs. Stop making your sales staff lug around catalogs and order forms. Streamline and make it all digital. Allow your sales staff to do product demos and show off full catalogs digitally on iPads or a tablet. Allow for remote ordering from the tablet so that sales staff can instantly check product availability and process orders during the sales meeting with a client.

These eight items are just a scratch on the surface of our capabilities. We can link other systems, generate any custom reports you may require. Our motto is "if you can dream it we can build it". Ever have someone in your company say "if only we could do "X", we would be more productive". Talk to a developer today and automate many tasks or streamline systems to reduce paper, human errors and expedite customer orders. You may already have a company website (if not, what are you waiting for?), but your website is capable of so much more than just being the face of your brand. It can be a work horse that makes your business more efficient and profitable. Let us help you unleash its full potential.