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By: Jennifer Devitt on November 30th, 2012

Web development, it goes far beyond your website.

In the world of the web, everything is not relative. While names may be similar, there are distinct differences, and its important for businesses to understand these difference when looking to move their companies forward in technology. For example, when one sees "Web Design" they probably think its a firm that makes or creates standard issue websites. A web designer could be a graphic designer or a less likely a web developer. Web developers are programmers. Programmers bring a totally different facet to the web than designers. While web designers bring beauty, vision, and ease of layout to all things web, developers make them function and function dynamically.

In the area of "Web Development", the possibilities are endless and far exceed the category of websites. In web development, you could find software engineers, application developers, system architects, and more. Web Developers can do far more than program your website for you. Many firms might wonder why they need a web development firm for if they already have a website. Web development encompasses all facets of programming that function across the internet. These days firms can link many systems to function across the web to run their businesses more efficiently. Some examples might be:

1. Inventory management
2. Order entry
3. Price catalogs
4. B2B financial transactions
5. B2B e-commerce
6. Mobile applications
7. Native applications
8. Custom tablet programming for kiosk alternatives
9. Restaurants utilizing custom tablet development for menus, ordering or seating options

Institutions like banks, hospitals, doctors office and more utilize web-based applications daily to streamline their business and link all their systems to one central location. Even the IRS requires online payments for quarterly business tax payments.

If you can dream of something you wish you could do on your computer, tablet or over the web so your staff on the road or in a satellite office can access it, it can be built. You just have to find a custom web developer to build it. In most cases, taking things digital and removing the paper saves a company time and money. So, what are you dreaming of for the next step for your business?

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