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By: Jennifer Devitt on July 18th, 2010

Websites, Mobile Apps and iPhone Apps "Oh My!"

Feeling a bit like Dorothy lost in the woods?? Websites, Mobile Apps, and iPhone/iPad Apps too? Wondering which is more important, which should you tackle first, what will get you the best results?

iPhone Apps are all the buzz, you're doing all the social media you can get your hands on, but is your site content and navigation keeping your new traffic engaged? Is your website mobile ready?

If your website is in good shape (clean design, great content, easy navigation), have you checked it out on mobile devices and the iPad? There are 44+ million iPhone users alone, then there are Blackberry's, Droids and more! Are you reaching those clients? Mobile Apps are different than iPhone Apps, you need a developer who can optimize your site on all devices. Everyone you know is mobile these days, are you losing potential clients because they tried to view your site on their phone, and it didn't deliver?

In the world of social networking, reach out and ask some of your connections to view your site on different devices (offer to do the same in kind), ask for and offer honest opinions. We all have to help each other in the current economy, and offering constructive criticism when asked can help us all. Check for things like how does my site deliver my companies services and approach, is the navigation easy? Can you tell without much digging what it is that we do? Then move on to checking it in all browsers and then, of course, mobile devices!

With so many things to consider and the ever changing world of look and functionality, SYDCON Web Development is offering free mobile web apps* to accompany any new web site* we develop! Also, we are offering a 10% discount on any website to mobile optimization for pre-existing websites! As always we offer Free Consultations, so let's talk about taking your site to the next level and making sure it is mobile ready!

*Restrictions apply.

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