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By: Jennifer Devitt on May 17th, 2016

We're hiring, Apple house call and hashtag bans in this weeks Tech News edition.

It has been a busy week already around here. But, that does not mean I didn't have time to dig up any good tech news to share with you. Let's see what I came up with this week, shall we?

1. We're Hiring! Yep, that's right all you Chicago area developers the door is open to come work with our talented crew of custom software developers in our new, spacious office! If you are interested or you know someone who maybe, I would love to hear from you!

2. Google is banning Flash. Joining the ranks of iOS devices, Flash will no longer function on Google Chrome. When will the slow death come to an end?

3. MLB using iPad Pros.  A deeper look into what hopes to change baseball going forward. Take a look at how the MLB teams are using the "Dugout" software.

4. Apple engineers make a house call. So, apparently, there are a small number of reported iTunes users who due to a bug lost a lot of files and music. Well, Apple is perplexed and made a house call to a user to try to recreate the bug.

5. Banned Instagram tags. Instagram has lists of banned hashtags. They even have 2 categories.  Some are "restricted" while others are completely "banned". I'll admit, some on the list make you scratch your head and go hmmm.

Well, that's all I have so far this week. Do you have something you think I might like? Share it with me. In the meantime, feel free to share our open job posting!  



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