What is Enterprise Software and how can it benefit my business? Blog Feature

By: Jennifer Devitt on January 3rd, 2016

What is Enterprise Software and how can it benefit my business?

Enterprise Software or Enterprise Application Software (EAS) as is it also referred to is typically a form of software developed to assist a large business or organization with solving a problem or streamlining everyday functions.

According to Wikipedia, "Enterprise Software or EAS" is "computer software used to satisfy the needs of an organization rather than individual users". Yes, and no. If you consider all the needs of the software solution it really is geared at both an organization and users. An organization or large business will have many users who will utilize the software solution.

Can your company, staff, and clients benefit from Enterprise Software solutions? The answer is, yes. What are some examples of Enterprise Software you may ask? Well, below are just a few examples of EAS solutions that your business can use in 2016 to make day to day functions less daunting, reduce errors as well as increase productivity.

1. Customer portals. Your business can benefit from creating a custom built customer portal that can allow your customers to log into a designated area of your website or via an app. This portal can allow for ordering, order management, inventory management, invoicing and more.

2. Information sharing. By utilizing an API (Application Program Interface) your company and employees can share information by way of connecting to a customer or vendors 3rd party API or you can have a custom API created to communicate your business needs. An API can allow internal systems to communicate with each other to streamline daily business activities.

3. Human Resources. Your human resources department can benefit from an enterprise software solution by implementing a digital time card system that is integrated with the payroll system. HR can also have systems that utilized for hiring, managing PTO, employee benefits, training and education tracking and more.

4. Payment processing and automated billing. Save time by having a system generate automated invoices for regular customers or by having your billing systems linked to your order management system. Further, streamline the system by allowing for online payment processing.

5. Automated forms. Allow patients or employees to complete required forms and documentation digitally to help reduce errors and save on paper and printing costs.

6. Learning systems. Create a system that contains education materials. Your online learning system can contain education videos, digital handouts, digital textbooks, online exams, and quizzes. Allow for online registration as well as assign an administrator. Allow administrators to monitor enrollment and performance tracking.

These are just a scratch on the surface of ways that Enterprise Software (EAS) can assist your business in everyday tasks. Do you have an area within your business that causes daily stress due to errors or a time-consuming process? Talk to a qualified software developer today to discuss your needs and create a custom solution to streamline your business this year.



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