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By: Jennifer Devitt on October 15th, 2013

Why Custom Website Development is the Best Option for Your Website

Each business is so unique, there are options out there for most everything you need. The ideas that have generated products unlike anything seen before, the way companies describe themselves and conduct their business... So much is involved in making each business different.

So shouldn't your website?

Custom website development ensures that your website is as unique as your business. After your website is designed to accurately reflect your business and its product(s), you want the working quality to accurately reflect the way your company handles business.

Many aspects are involved in the creation of a website. With custom programming, you are able to pick and choose which functionalities you want, and you only pay for what aspects you choose to have built.

  • database can be developed specifically for your business to store all your respective information in one place and give you the ability to manipulate the information, changing it as necessary. Customers are also able to see the database information displayed on the visual front end of the website and interact with it.
  • A custom-developed Content Management System allows non-technical administrators to make any additions, subtractions, or edits to the website and its content.
  • If your website offers a product for sale, a custom shopping cart can be interfaced with your website to allow users to make on-site transactions. Any major credit card can be accepted, as well as shipping options, customer recognition, order tracking, recommended additional purchases, etc.
  • You can integrate with existing outside APIs such as Google Maps to increase the functioning ability of your website without having to direct customers elsewhere to complete an action.
  • Your website should be accessible from mobile devices as well as from a desktop browser. Developing a responsive web page increases the flexibility of your website and helps avoid potential customer loss through the alleviation of user frustration with websites that are impossible to navigate on a mobile device or gain anything from because the text is too small to read or links are too small to click.
  • Custom reporting is an aspect of taking your information digital, which can automatically manage your inventory and generate sales reports. This saves you time and effort while making sure your site never has missing product.
  • The collecting of your website's data can also be automated to show you where people are visiting your website from and how they are interacting with your website. Help your website get better exposure while also designing your website around the experience you want your site visitors to have.
  • Electronic forms make things more streamlined and secure for you and your site users. Instead of having to deal with file cabinets full of information and the potentially damaging instances of fires, floods, or stolen information, the online information provides a cure for all of these worries. Your forms are stored in a database and can be searched for within your website and the sensitive data can be kept in files with encrypted passcodes that are designed for only you or the person whose information is being protected can access.
  • Your product catalog can also be stored online in an effort to cut down on the paper you are sending out, which enables you to tout your business as "going green", which is a huge boost to marketing efforts and visibility. Also, having your product available for online viewing increases its viewing range, as anybody with internet access can now see your product instead of only those you sent a catalog too. Your sales team can simply reference the website and easily find a customer's desired product with everything separated by category and able to be searched for on the site itself

All of this and more can be made possible for your website through custom programming. Scripting languages are the code inside your website and allow for dynamic functionality and user interaction. A web development team can write this code to program everything specifically for your website and what you want it to be capable of. And best of all, it will be easy to use because it was made for you with your level of technological proficiency in mind.

With the unique nature of your business, your website should follow the same guidelines. A totally custom website will represent your website the way you know it should. We offer free consultations for just this reason; come talk to us about how custom programming can help set your business and its website apart.


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