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By: Jennifer Devitt on November 3rd, 2013

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Why I decided to go with a iPad Air instead of a iPad Mini.


Being app developers, some things are necessities for our firm. iPads are one of them. We have to makes sure things we develop for our clients function on varying platforms. Being Apple-approved developers, that also means making sure the apps, as well as mobile sites we develop for our clients, function on the latest Apple products and software (iOS7).

I have been contemplating which new iPad edition would best suit my needs. I have been working off an iPad2. SYDCON also has an iPad3, iPad Mini, and an original iPad. My issue with the iPad 2 is its weight, it is very cumbersome for extending reading times. Also, I continually have Wifi connectivity issues. So I have been waiting to upgrade my iPad until now knowing Apple was making improvements.

I have to say I initially was sold on an iPad Mini. Its compact size and light weight were ideal for tossing in a bag and going, especially in comparison to my iPad 2. Then I started seeing all the glorious reviews of the iPad Air. How it was the be all end all iPad tablet. Well, that and the fact the the the Mini wasn't coming out until late November and supply issues were expected had me rethink my needs.

I had a few days to handle the new iPad Air on Friday and Saturday and compare it to our Mini. Well, I was sold. So I upgraded from my iPad 2 to a white iPad Air yesterday. I LOVE IT, so far. It is light and fast! So far, no wifi issues (but its been a day). I won't be fearing carpal tunnel from the weight anymore, and Zamboni the dog will be thrilled to not have to be an iPad rest when he crawls into my lap.

Ultimately I decided against giving up the screen size going with a Mini would entail. Let's face it I just went to the eye doctor last week and had to increase the power on my contacts. My eyes, unfortunately, are not getting any younger! I do also on occasion stream movies or TV to my iPad to watch while out and about and I tried it on the Mini. Let's just say watching the Blackhawks game streamed to my Mini makes tracking the puck a bit difficult!

The dimensions of the iPad air are somewhat smaller than my iPad 2, coupled with its light weight make it ideal for taking to meetings, using for presentations, etc. All in all, I think if you are considering getting a new Mini at the end of the month, take a good look at the iPad Air and really compare them before you do. While the iPad Mini is a great product, for the extra screen size you get with the iPad Air at a similar weight, I would recommend the iPad Air.